Dog analogy: If anyone’s sentiments are hurt, I apologise, says VK Singh

New Delhi: As the Opposition parties attacked Union minister V K Singh for his dog analogy on the Dalit killings in Faridabad, he came out on Thursday evening and apologised to anyone who was hurt by his remarks. He clarified that somebody is deliberately trying to mix his two different remarks and create a confusion.

VK Singh

“Let me be very clear, they were two different remarks and someone has mixed them. In case, because of this mixing of two remarks if anyone’s sentiments have been hurt, I apologise for it. The ones making a big issue of this are actually creating one of their own imagination. I have no intention of hurting anybody, I apologise wholeheartedly,” Singh said.


He further added, “Few people from opposition are targeting us for no reason, I have fought for the country and we don’t believe in division. I have immense respect for Babasaheb Ambedkar and our Constitution and therefore there is no question of belittling anybody.”

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Singh had stoked a controversy on Thursday with his remark on the incident in Sunped village of Haryana where two toddlers were charred to death on the intervening night of October 19 and 20, saying, “If someone throws a stone at a dog, you will hold the government responsible.”