Karnataka: Dalit writer attacked by group of men for ‘anti-Hindu’ writings

Bangalore(PTI): A 23-year-old student of journalism was attacked on Thursday for his ‘anti-Hindu’ his writings. Huchangi Prasad a student at the Davangere University was attacked at his hostel in the early hours of the day by a group of men.


According to a report in The Hindu, Prasad had published a book more than a year ago which was perceived as ‘controversial’ by some people. On Thursday, an unidentified man reportedly came to the SC/ST hostel at the university and told Prasad that his mother was in the hospital as she had a heart attack. Prasad went with the man believing it to be true but was attacked in the APMC Yard by eight to ten men.

The men allegedly told him his writings were ‘anti-Hindu’ because he had spoken about the caste system. They put kumkum on his face and told him they will cut off his fingers to end his writing career.

Prasad ran and hid in the woods after the attack and came out several hours later when he was sure the group had left. According to The Hindu report, he has filed a case with the police.