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Haryana: Dalit boy found dead under mysterious circumstances, alleged charged with theft of pigeon

Chandigarh: Following the death of two Dalit children at Sunped village in Faridabad district of Haryana, a 15-year-old Dalit boy, charged with theft of a pigeon, was reported dead under mysterious circumstances in Gohana town in Sonepat district in the same state on Thursday. The incident took place just 50 km away from Delhi.

Haryana: Dalit boy charged with theft of pigeon found dead under mysterious circumstances

Though, Haryana Police has said that teenager was found dead at his home, the family and villagers belie their claim. They claim the boy died in police custody. The incident will not only add to the embarrassment of Prime Minister Modi led NDA government at centre, but will also out a question mark on the law and order machinery in Haryana under the BJP chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar, who had already kicked a controversy by saying Muslims can live in India, provided they give up taking beef. The latest incident has given opposition another stick to beat the NDA-led alliance currently engaged in a tough battle against Grand Secular Alliance in crucial Bihar state assembly elections.

Reports reaching here said the members of the ‘gadia lohar’ (blacksmiths) community had approached the Sonepat police charging the boy with the theft of a pigeon and demanded appropriate action.

Superintendent of police, Sonepat, Abhishek Garg said the boy’s family has alleged that the teenager had been brought to the police station at Gohana by the ‘lohars’ and that he died while in police custody. Villagers have placed body of the boy on the road, demanding action against police personnel. Garg said, they were negotiating with family members.

“According to preliminary investigations, the boy was found dead at his home today. There was a mark around his neck. A post-mortem examination is underway and once reports arrive we will come to the conclusion on how he died,” Garg said over phone. He said a case has been registered and n appropriate action will be taken after the post-mortem. The incident has come barely two days after two days after two dalit children were burnt alive in another Haryana village.

There are 40 lakh Dalits in Haryana, while Punjab has 70 lakh. But it appears that Haryana has more cases of Dalit atrocities irrespective of governments. Though, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who visited the victim’s family in Faridabad on Wednesday, accused Haryana’s BJP government of failing to ensure security for the weaker sections, the record of previous Congress governments in the state has not been better. Reports show that atrocities against Dalits in the last decade in Haryana have increased by 271%.

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