Dashanan temple in Kanpur where they worship Ravana on Dusshera

Kanpur: As a symbol of victory of good over evil, a mannequin of Ravana, a character from Hindu mythology, is set ablaze on Dusshera in most part of the country, although there is a temple in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh that does the exact opposite.


Image Courtesy: fbphotocomment.com

On the very day of Dusshera, the Dashanan (A man with ten heads, an alias for Ravana) temple located in Shivala area of Kanpur worships Ravana as a symbol of power with a complete set of rituals that also includes lighting candles along with reciting prayers. Devotees visit the temple on the day of Dusshera to make their wishes.

KK Tiwari, care taker of the Dashanan Mandir, according to a Punjab Kesari report, told that established in 1868, this temple only opens on Dussehra every year for the devotees and they visit in huge numbers on this day.

Tiwari told that the Kailash temple compound in the very area has as many as 23 incarnations of goddess Durga and the temple of Ravana is very adjacent to that.

The Dashanan temple was built by Maharaj Guru Prasad Shukl of Unnav district about 147 years ago.

Hindu mythology portrays Ravana in different shades; one of which is that Dashanan who was a true disciple of lord Shiva, was the biggest scholar of the time too. It is said that Ravana was first to know that to appease lord Shiva, he must worship Durga. Ravana was, therefore, established here as a keeper to all incarnations of goddess Durga.

Born on Dashawin (10th day), he died on the very day too. After the mannequin of Ravana is set on fire, the gates of temple are closed for one year until Dusshera next year.