Congress sowed seeds of mistrust between communities, says Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi(PTI): The BJP on Tuesday accused Congress of creating a wedge between the majority and minority, and for sowing seeds of mistrust and division in the country for its vote-bank politics. The party also accused the opposition parties for putting the blame on it for incidents that took place in the states ruled by Congress and its allies in order “to cover up their own failures, their own complicity.”

Venkaiah Naidu

BJP alleged that Congress was not just trying to tarnish the Government’s image but also defaming the country internationally by its continued ‘vilification and malicious’ campaign. “You have encouraged all these years for short political gains – vote-bank politics, thereby creating a wedge between majority and minority. You have followed pseudo-secularism appeasement policy. That is the reason for the divisions among the people of the country. You have sown seeds of mistrust and division in the country,” senior BJP leader and Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said.

“Not only you are trying to defame the government, you are trying to defame the country by such acts by glorifying certain incidents happened here and there and that too in your states and you are trying to drag the name of the BJP and the Prime Minister into these condemnable incidents… “Congress party has no moral right to criticise us on any of these counts. When incidents are happening in non-BJP states, they are trying to blame the BJP to cover up their own failures, their own complicity. That is the practice of the Congress party,” he said.

The Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister said Congress party was now criticising BJP and its ‘Parivar’ organisations for spreading venom but it itself ruled the country for more than 50 years, both at the Centre and states. “It is you who have sown the seeds of division in the country. You have aligned with Muslim League which is responsible for the partition. Even now you are partnering with Muslim League in Kerala,” he said. On the recent incidents that triggered a debate across the country over growing intolerance in the country, Naidu said, be it Kalburghi’s murder, which is condemnable in Karnataka, or Dhabolkar issue in Maharashtra, both took place in Congress rule and the Dadri incident took place during its friendly party, Samajwadi Party’s regime.