Ink, mobil oil thrown at Jammu & Kashmir independent MLA Abdul Rashid by Hindu Sena

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Independent MLA Abdul Rashid was attacked by Ink and mobil oil on Monday for hosting a beef party in Srinagar. Vishnu Gupta-led Hindu Sena has claimed the responsibility for the ink attack on Rashid. Vishnu Gupta was also the man behind ink attack on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in January 2014.

Abdul Rashid

Speaking to ANI, Rashid said, “What happened to Sudheendra Kulkarni has happened to me.”

Two weeks ago, Abdul Rashid was roughed up by BJP MLAs at Jammu and Kashmir assembly for hosting the beef party.

Ink thrown at engineer Rashid by unknown persons in Delhi.

Rashid hosted a beef party in Srinagar on October 7 in defiance of the High Court order directing implementation of provisions to ban beef and said that no courts or legislature can prevent the people from eating what they want. The legislator from Langate hosted the party in the lawns of MLA hostel, with the guests being served beef kebabs, ‘ristas’ (meat balls) and beef patties.

Rashid claimed that he did not want to offend anyone but wanted to send a message that “no courts or legislature can prevent the people from eating what they want”.

The beef row erupted after a division bench of High Court in Jammu directed the state to strictly implement the ban in the state as per the law. The order evoked strong resentment from various quarters with many separatist and religious organisations terming it as “interference in religious affairs” and sought revocation of the law, besides pressing for implementation of ban on liquor in the state. The issue is now before the Supreme Court.