India v/s South Africa Live 3rd ODI Match Commentary: India come back in final ten, SA finish on 270/7

South Africa have finished on 270/7 off 50 overs. They scored just 60 runs for 3 wickets off the last 10 overs. At one stage 300 was certainly on the cards. India will back themselves to chase this total.

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the India v/s South Africa 3rd ODI of the Freedom Series beginning at 1.30 pm IST at Rajkot.

The hosts are on a high after their captain, MS Dhoni inspired them to a series levelling win against the Proteas in the 2nd ODI at Indore. The visitors would be way of the fact that any further slip up in this match would shift the momentum in India’s favour and they can run away with the trophy in the very next match at Chennai. So this ODI would be pivotal in deciding the outcome of the limited overs series. Here is the match preview.

Only twice has the national team has played at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium​ – once against England in a ODI match and the other against the Aussies in a T20 encounter. While the ‘men in blue’ lost the ODI, they managed to beat Australia in the shortest format of the game.

The pitch is expected to help the batsmen more than the bowlers and an high-scoring battle is on the cards.

17:06 PM
Over 50

Vicious booing from the crowd as Dale Steyn goes down while completing his first run. Two off two balls.

Kumar bowls just outside off, Steyn slogs and gets just a single on the on side.

Full length ball, slammed back hard by Behardien, a dive on the boundary stops two runs.

Short of length, Behardien hits it late, it goes to long on and they go for the second. Steyn is out on the second run, clearly gone. SA 264/7.

Behardien’s shoddy innings has fetched him 27 off 35 balls.

SIX! He’s finished off with a six. Full toss, right on middle stump, nice height and Behardien swings over deep midwicket, punches the air and SA finish on 270/7 off 50 overs.

17:02 PM
Over 49

Behardien slogs a slower ball hard across the line, again too early on it and Rohit Sharma dives superbly to prevent the boundary.

Slower ball outside off, biffed to deep point for one.

Yorker outside leg, Steyn violently gets his bat down, almost slips as he keeps it out.

Slower ball, Steyn sets himself and goes for it, gets decent connection, and the small ground ensures it goes a long way.

Single off the last ball, slightly better over for SA. SA 258/6 after 49 overs.

16:57 PM
Over 47

OUT! JP Duminy holes out. Goes for the big shot, and long on runs in to take a good low catch. SA 241/6.

Dale Steyn comes out to the middle.

Slower ball from Mohit, Behardien plays from the crease and misses it completely. Looks really out of sorts. He looks lazy actually.

Wide called, another slower delivery though.

Cross batted shot fetches Farhaan one. SA 243/6 after 47 overs.

16:57 PM
Over 48

Just 3 off the first four balls of the over, including a full toss that was whipped for one.

Swing and a miss off the last ball, the ball goes between stumps and pads. Behardien continues to struggle. SA 247/6 after 48 overs.

16:44 PM
Over 46

No runs off three balls off Kumar’s over.

Behardien finally gets a single off the 4th ball. He has moved to 13 off 21 balls. The SA innings is stuck.

Just 3 runs off it and a dropped catch. SA 238/5 after 46.

16:41 PM
Over 45

Just 4 runs from the over. SA 235/5 after 45.

16:27 PM
Over 41

OUT! It’s the big fish! AB de Villiers is gone, LBW to Axar Patel trying to make room for a cut. Huge wicket. The crowd is not sure whether to celebrate or mourn!

Farhaan Behardien is the new batsman, Steyn to come in next.

Another big appeal as Duminy is struck on the pad now, no response from the umpire.

3 runs and a wicket off the over, SA 213/5 after 41 overs.

16:22 PM
Over 40

Harbhajan comes back for his last over.

Faf goes down the track after wasting 2 deliveries, doesn’t connect well, single to long on.

AB straightaway tries to thwack Bhajji into the clouds and misses. Crowd boos. Boos more when Bhajji appeals.

FOUR. Crashed through cover for four, no chance for anyone.

OUT! Quinton de Kock is run out.

SA 210/4 after 40 overs.

16:14 PM
Over 39

Mohit Sharma comes back. 0/36 off 6 overs.

FOUR, de Kock gets a century after meandering around for a while. He decides he’s hung around enough, backs away and slashes it through covers for four.

FOUR, Faf du Plessis scoopes Mohit over the keeper’s head for four.

OUT! Faf is gone. He tries the same shot again, ball is wider, Faf falls over, scoops the ball to third man instead and is caught.

ABD comes in, plays the first ball straight to mid on, no run.

16:10 PM
Over 38

Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes around the wicket.

Faf goes down the track, lifts loosely, ball falls short of long off.

Slogged to the on side, beats short mid on and India get 1.

5 off the over, SA 195/2 after 38.

16:03 PM
Over 34

B Kumar replaces Raina

  1. 4 Four runs. Du Plessis pulls a short pitched delivery to the mid wicket boundary.

33.6 Four runs. That’s fifthy for Du Plessis. Dances down the track and lifts it over mid off for a boundary

16:02 PM
Over 37

Axar Patel continues. Not much success today unlike the other day.

Faf probably wants a change of gear.

Faf goes for the sweep-slog, misses and the crowd boos. SA 190/2 after 37 overs.

15:59 PM
Over 35

Mishra comes back in the attack

Two from the over

South Africa 183-2

15:56 PM

15:50 PM
Over 31

Axar to bowl

30.4 Four runs. Du Plessis slog sweeps for a boundary

30.6 Four runs. Du Plessis this time dances down the track and hoists it over long on

South Africa 164-2

15:46 PM
Over 33

Raina to bowl

Three euns from the over

South Africa 172-2

15:41 PM
Over 29

Axar to bowl

Six singles from the over

South Africa 145-2

15:37 PM
Over 28

Mohit to bowl

27.5 Four runs. De Kock comes down the track and cuts it over cover into the fench

South Africa 139-2

15:37 PM
Over 30

Raina to bowl for the first time in the match

29.5 Four runs. De Kock plays against the spin and heaves in to the mid wicket boundary for a boundary

South africa 152-6

15:31 PM
Over 26

Mohit runs in

25.5 No ball! That is a big escape for Du Plessis. He had holed out to Virat Kohli at long on after getting deceived by a slower ball. But Mohit has over stepped. Third umpire confirms that and now it’s a free hit.

25.5 One run. De Kock fails to make use of the free hit

South Africa 123-2

15:20 PM
Over 25

Axar to bowl

Just a single from the over

South Africa 117-2

15:18 PM

15:17 PM
Over 24

Mohit replaces Harbhajan

23.5 Four runs. Great shot, presents the full face of the bat to a good length delivery and straight drives it past the bowler

South Africa 116-2

15:11 PM
Over 23

Axar Patel replaces Amit Mishra

22.2 Four runs. De Kock is on a roll. Unleashes a beautiful cover drive to bring up a boundary. Not much turn for Axar.

South Africa 111-2

15:08 PM
Over 22

Harbhajan to start his eighth over

21.3 One run. 100 for south Africa. Du Plessis comes down the track and plays to long on for a single

21.4 No run. Almost dragged that one back on the stumps. Inside edge onto the back leg and survives

21.6 Four runs. Goes inside out over cover to bring up a boundary

South Africa 104-2

15:08 PM

15:04 PM
Over 21

Mishra to continue

20.3 One run. Fifth for De Kock. Pushes it down to long on and takes an easy single

South Africa 98-2

15:01 PM
Over 20

Harbhajan to continue

Five runs from the over

South Africa 94-2

14:58 PM
Over 19

Mishra to De Kock

​18.4 OUT! Amit Mishra strikes with a beauty. Amla gone. Bowls a flighted leg break and the right-hander goes for a cover drive but he misses the trajectory of the delivery and is beaten by spin. Amla is out of the crease when Dhoni removes the bails. Third umpire called into action and it is an easy decision for him to make.

Du Plessis the next batsman

South Africa 89-2

14:52 PM
Over 18

Harbhajan to resume proceedings

17.1 No run. Vintage Harbhajan is back. Gets turn from the surface as he bowls to Amla and that one bounces too. Amla somehow keeps it down

Two runs from the over. South Africa 86-1

14:46 PM

14:45 PM
Over 17

Mishra to bowl

Four runs from the over

South Africa 84-1 and it’s drinks

14:42 PM
Over 16

Harbhajan to continue

15.3 Two runs. De kock dances down the track and plays an inside out shot to gather a couple

South Africa 80-1

14:39 PM
Over 15

Mishra to continue

Just two from the over

South Africa 75-1

14:36 PM
Over 14

Harbhajan to contuinue

13.3 OUT! The Turbanator strikes. Harbhajan flights it and invites a cover drive from Miller, but its takes his edge and Rahane dives forward to take a brilliant catch

South Africa 73-1

14:30 PM
Over 13

Mishra to continue

12.1 Four runs. Miller uses the pace of Mishra to cut behind the first slip into the third man boundary

South Africa 71-0

14:24 PM
Over 11

Amit Mishra to bowl for the first time

10.3 Four runs. Short ball. De Kock rocks back on the back foot and smother that past the cover fielder for a boundary

Five runs from the over

South Africa 64-0

14:21 PM
Over 12

Harbhajan to bowl

Just a single from the over

South Africa 65-0

14:12 PM
Over 8

Harbhajan Singh introduced in the attack. MS Dhoni looking for a wicket from the off-spinner

Five runs from the over

South Africa 44-0

13:54 PM
Over 4

Mohit to continue

3.6 Four runs. Beautiful cover drive from Miller

South Africa 20-0

13:48 PM
Over 3

B Kumar to Miller

2.1 Two runs. A gentle push on the on side by Miller and he takes three runs before Shikhar Dhawan returns the ball to the keeper

2.4 One run. De Kock advances down the track and plays the ball to mid on for a single

Seven runs from the over. South Africa 12-0

13:44 PM

13:38 PM
Over 1

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start the proceedings

0.2 No run. De Kock flicks on the leg side but Ajinkya Rahane stops a sure boundary by diving to his right at short square leg

A maiden over

13:34 PM
Over 2

Mohit Sharma to share the new ball

1.2 Four runs. Beautiful cover drive from De Kock. It races to the boundary

Five runs from the over. South Africa 5-0

13:33 PM

13:29 PM
David Miller has been promoted up the order. He will open the batting with Quinton de Kock, Hashim Amla to move down to No. 3

13:18 PM
South Africa have won the toss and will bat first.

No changes to the Proteas squad while Amit Mishra replaces Umesh Yadav for the hosts.