Deepika Padukone or Kangana Ranaut: Whose side are you on?

On one hand, you have one actress (Kangana Ranaut) passing catty comments and on the other, you have another heroine (Deepika Padukone) who’s maintaining a dignified silence. Whose side are you on? Well, it’s evident from the recent happenings that not all’s well in DP-Kangs’ friendship. Rather in their friendship-gone-kaput. The two actresses have been in news for the longest time, given that they had a much public fallout early this year. After a series of make-up and break-up sessions, the result is still the same. They aren’t on talking terms yet.


Let us recapitulate briefly what happened between the two.

First fight!
Deepika had a great 2014 with both her films- Finding Fanny and Happy New Year- bringing her commercial as well as critical success. She had hit a home-run in 2013 after being the only actress to have netted over Rs 700 crore in one year. So 2014 seemed to be another great year for Dippy. And as a result, she reigned at award shows with more and more awards raining on her. Knowing that Kangana’s Queen was definitely more deserving than her films, DP even openly dedicated her Best Actress Award to the Revolver Rani. Why did Kangana miss out on the Awards this year? Well, you know how Award shows function and given that Kangana is following Aamir Khan’s footsteps (of not attending such shows), the organisers also gave her a miss. Amidst all this, what left Kangana fuming was that Deepika dedicated her award to her on national podium although she never thought of calling her personally and congratulating her for Queen. Point taken.

First patch up!
There was a lot of hullabaloo after the Award fiasco and despite media reports, DP decided to settle it all herself. How? By personally calling Kangana up and mitigating all their past issues. Soon it was a happy reunion again for the two lovely Bollywood beauties.

What went wrong again?
The foes-turned-friends were at it again. What happened now? Deepika invited Kangana for the Piku premiere and Kangana readily agreed to be a part of the event. But when it was Deepika’s turn to return the favour, she decided to skip Tanu Weds Manu Returns screening, owing to her busy Bajirao Mastani shooting schedule. This hurt Kangana and left her angry and wounded. And things were never the same again. Kangana was not ready to give her another chance and till date, the two haven’t had a settlement. What happened post that is something everyone’s aware of.

Kangana’s catty remarks!
Post TWMR’s supreme success at the box office, it seemed the success has gotten onto Kangs’ hand and she started throwing her weight around. Not just that, in every interview and press conference, she has directly passed a catty comment on her friendship with Deepika. From indirectly claiming that Deepika and other actresses are ‘insecure of Kangana’s success’ to calling people jealous, Kangana went around the town saying all that she could, only to add fuel to the fire.

How did Deepika react?
After these several months of fallouts and patch-ups, when Deepika was asked to comment on the numerous digs that Kangana took at her expense, DP maintained a strong dignified silence. She shrugged it off and decided to not answer the question. And we feel she definitely gets brownie points for not making a mountain of a morsel. They are public icons and DP knows that her words can be misconstrued in more ways than one. Hence she decided to keep her comments to herself and dodged answering it, although Kangana on the other hand continues to blame her everywhere.

Why we love Deepika’s stand?
Bollywood is possibly one of those industries where stakes are very high. While success is relative, it takes only a Friday for someone’s stars to turn directions. And now that Deepika refused to comment and maintained her own self-respect, she definitely wins our hearts with her manoeuvres. After all, not everything needs to be said and done in public domain. We’re happy DP refrained from doing all the mud-slinging in public, unlike her contemporary Miss Ranaut.