Rapist has not come from Mars, is one of us, says Special CP Deepak Mishra

Delhi(ANI): Special Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Deepak Mishra on Saturday said that society needs to recognise the deviant and psychopathic behaviour of people responsible for committing heinous crimes like rape and give proper moral education to such people, instead of pointing fingers at the police.

Deepak Mishra

“It’s a very unfortunate incident and equally easily to point fingers at the police. We are doing injustice to the entire police department by not recognising what the police has done. Who are the people who are committing this rape. Are they not part of this society. The rapist has not come from Mars, it is one of us. He has come from your locality only. You must have the heart to say that yes we are at fault. We need to give proper moral education to such people having psychopathic behaviour,?” Mishra told ANI.

“Can you tell me any part of the world where there is no rape, no murder. I have the statistics of cities all over the world. I am sad to say that there is not a single place on this planet which is safe from any kind of violence against women. We cannot see India as an isolated humanity,” he added.

Mishra also said that it is not possible for police to look after each and every house in the national capital which has a population of over 1.80 crore.

“To expect that police will bang at your door step of every household is probably super hypothetical. Yes the onus is on us to transform our society into crimeless society which is a very arduous job. We are managing Delhi which is probably the cluster of countries in Europe,” he said.

A week after the horrific rape and torture of a four-year-old girl in Delhi, two more cases of minor girls being gang-raped were reported from the capital on Saturday. Both the girls have suffered severe injuries and are recovering in hospital.

All three accused have been sent to judicial custody in Anand Vihar case, however, no arrests have been made in the Nangloi rape case so far.