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Sourav Ganguly vows to focus development of junior cricket

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly today vowed to focus on junior cricket and create a system which produces players as he was unanimously elected President of Cricket Association of Bengal.

Sourav Ganguly

“For us the entire focus will be on the 22 yards. That’s what the association is for and try and produce the best facilities. We have good facilities we will try to make it better and create a system which produces players. It’s a new challenge but I believe the knowledge of the game is important. We are a team. I learn also. There’s no magic wand. I have learnt as a secretary, It’s same with Avishek also,” Ganguly said at a news conference after the Special General Meeting.

The SGM, which lasted less than 10 minutes, was just a formality as he was garlanded before taking over the hot seat in the BC Roy Club House where once Dalmiya ran the world cricket administration. A former joint secretary since 2014, Ganguly took over as the president, while junior Avishek Dalmiya was formally inducted into the cricket administration as joint-secretary.

The two appointments were announced by West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee at the state secretariat Nabanna three days after Jagmohan Dalmiya’s demise on September 20.
Ganguly futher said his focus would also be on junior cricket.

“I have a huge idea. It’s about trying to get them young. It’s what the big football clubs do, look after them and by the time they’re 15 they become world beaters. CAB has got the money and infrastructure to do it and we’ll do that,” Ganguly added.

When asked whether he would get foreign coaches, he said: “Good coach does not necessarily have to be from overseas. We have to see the logistics. We have enough people around. No system is foolproof. There will be hiccups. We will try and best. We have to work as a team and make it transparent.”

Ganguly, who was once termed the most successful India’s captain, said the challenge is bigger as an administrator as here he would have to manage 121 affiliated units. He stressed on importance of team work.

“It’s just the number of people who are a bit more here. In Team India, I had to deal with 15. Here I have to deal with 121. There are a lot of good people. In every aspect of life there will be challenges. At home there are people who think differently. You have to get them on the plane. It’s about creating a system. Whatever happens will be in the association’s name and whatever does not happen will be in the association’s name. That’s most important thing,” Ganguly said.