India v/s South Africa 2nd ODI Match Commentary: Half of India’s batting line-up is back in the hut

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the India v/s South Africa 2nd ODI of the Freedom Series beginning at 1.30 pm IST at Indore.

India should have been 1-0 up by now but instead it is the Proteas who are in the lead. The focus will be on MS Dhoni in particular after he failed the finish off the 1st ODI at Kanpur. Here is the match preview.

India have a 100% record at Indore and this wicket has produced heaps of runs whenever a match has been played on it. The last time an ODI was played here, Virender Sehwag plundered the West Indies bowlers all around the park to score 219. This time too a high-scoring encounter is on the cards.

India have made three changes to the team that lost in the 1st ODI. Harbhajan Singh, Axar Patel and Mohit Sharma have been drafted in the team in place of Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra and Stuart Binny. While the Proteas go in with an unchanged XI.

India have won the toss and will bat first.

16:03 PM
Over 35

Duminy continues

Just a single from the over and Dhoni signals to the dressing for a change of bats. Looks like an heavier one is to brought in by the captain.

India 138-6

15:58 PM
Over 34

Morkel runs in. B Kumar to face him

Three runs from the over

India’s run rate has just touched 4 runs per over mark

India 137-6

15:55 PM
Over 33

Duminy to continue

The part time spinner keeps things quiet. Two runs from the over

India 134-6

15:54 PM

15:46 PM
Over 32

Steyn runs in to bowl

31.3 Two runs. Dhoni drives on the back foot and takes a couple

31.3 Two runs. This time the Indian captain pulls one to the square leg boundary and takes a couple

31.5 One run. Dhoni take a single by dropping the ball on the leg side’

India 132-6

15:43 PM
Over 31

Duminy to bowl

One run for the over

India 126-6

15:38 PM
Over 30

Steyn to Dhoni

29.1 No run. On good length and Dhoni is on the back foot. Pushes at it and misses. De Kock pouches it behind the stumps

29.2 one run. Takes a single down to third man

29.3 OUT! Axar patel is trapped in front of the wicket. Steyn bowls over the wicket and gets one to pitch in line which straightens and Axar is caught napping. Would have hit the top of leg stump. India in dire straits

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the next batsman in

India 125-6

15:36 PM
Over 29

Duminy to bowl

28.6 Six runs. Axar Patel goes airborne as he launches Duminy over wide long off for a maximum

India 123-5

15:30 PM
Over 28

Steyn comes back into the attack

Just a single from the over. India 115-5

15:28 PM
Over 27

Duminy to continue

Three runs from the over. India 114-5

15:21 PM
Over 26

Rabada into the attack

25.6 Four runs. Dhoni swivels around and pulls Rabada to the fine leg fence. A boundary after a long time

India 111-5

15:15 PM
Over 24

Morkel to continue

23.4 OUT! Raina throws away his wicket. Short delivery on the leg stump and Raina’s perennial problem crops up. Tries to fend at it and is caught by the keeper down the leg side. Wheels are coming off India’s decorated batting line up

Axar Patel comes in

India 105-5

15:08 PM
Over 23

Tahir to continue

22.2 OUT! Rahane is bowled round his legs. A genuine leg break from Tahir which Rahane wants to sweep, he misses it and the ball clips the leg stumps. Umpires check whether the came off the keeper and displaced the bails or not but that’s not the case and Rahane has to go.

Suresh raina the next man in

India 102-4

15:04 PM
Morkel replaces Steyn

21.1 One run. Rahane runs down the ball to third man a takes a single

21.2 Two runs. Dhoni drops the ball on the leg side and before the square leg fielder can return it to the keeper, he is back for a couple

21.4 Four runs. Rahane brings up his 12th ODI fifty with a delightful upper cut over the keeper’s head and that is 100 up for India also

India 101-3

15:01 PM
Over 21

Tahir to Rahane

Three runs from the over

India 93-3

14:57 PM
Over 20

Behardine comes into bowl

Dhoni to face him

Four runs from the over

India 90-3

14:48 PM
Over 18

Steyn to Kohli

​17.1 One run. Kohli straight drives the pacer and takes a single

17.3. Two runs. Rahane flicks to square leg boundary and takes a couple

17.4 One run. Dabs a short one to third man and takes a single

17.5 One run. Kohli again takes a single by straight driving Steyn

​17.6. OUT! Virat Kohli is run out. Rahane could have been out in the first place, uppishly drives Steyn to mid off where Behardine misses a diving catch and the batsmen take a single but Kohli wants a couple and comes back for it. Rahane is not interested and puts his hands up, But Kohli by that time has reached the non striker’s end by that time. Behardine throws it to De Kock he removes the bails in a flash. Kohli is disgusted. Hurls a barrage of words at Rahane and goes back to tha pavilion.

14:44 PM
Over 17

Tahir to continue

Five runs from the over. It’s car and mouse game between the bowler and the batsman now. Both looking to cash in on each others’ mistakes.

India 76-2

14:42 PM

14:38 PM
Over 16

Steyn replaces Duminy

​15. 2 Two runs. Virat Kohli converts a single into a couple. Plays the ball to third man and by the time Imran Tahir can return the ball, Kohli is back for the second

15.5 One run. Cover drives on the back foot and strolls for a single

India 71-2 and it’s drinks

14:36 PM
Over 15

Imran Tahir to bowl for the first time

Indians milking the singles very well. Four runs from the over. India 68-2

14:32 PM
Over 14

Duminy to continue

Five runs from the over. India 64-2

14:26 PM
Over 13

Morkel to Dhawan

​12.3 OUT! Slower delivery on off stump and Dhawan is done in by the pace variation. Scoops it to JP Duminy at short extra cover

Virat Kohli comes to the crease and the crowd is excited

12.4 No run. Morkel greets him with a bouncer and the Indian vice-captain sways away from the line of the delivery

12.5 No run. Edged but no damage done. Pushed at a wide delivery on off stump. It takes an edge but falls short of the slip fielder

India 59-2

14:23 PM
Over 12

JP Duminy introduced

11.1 Four runs. Dhawan greets Duminy with a boundary. Short delivery, Dhawan rocks on back foot and dispatches it to the mid-wicket fence

11.6 two runs. Rahane cuts a short delivery but Behardine does good work at the boundary to keep it down to a couple

India 57-1

14:17 PM
Over 11

Morkel to continue

Four runs from the over. India 48-1

14:14 PM
Over 10

Rabada to Rahane

9.5 Four runs. That is easy pickings fro Rahane. Short ball at waist height, the right hander pulls it to the mid wicket fence

India 44-1

14:08 PM
Over 9

Morkel to Rahane

8.1 Four runs. Rahane makes Morkel pay for a rank short delivery. Goes on the back foot and cut it over cover for yet another boundary

8.3 One run. A single down to third man

8.6 Four runs. Majestic straight drive from Dhawan fetches him a boundary

India 39-1

14:03 PM
Over 8

Rabada to Dhawan

7.4 Four runs. Dhawan lays into a full and wide delivery and AB de Villiers fails to stop the ball at extra cover. Great shot

India 30-1

14:00 PM
Over 6

Rabada to Dhawan

5.2 No run. Full and out side off, Dhawan drives but finds the fielder at covers

Maiden over from Rabada. India 20-1

13:57 PM
Over 7

Morne Morkel replaces Steyn. Will bowl to Rahane

​6.2 One run. Rahane calmly guides a short pitched delivery to third man and takes a single

6.5 One run. Dhawan tries to flick a ball on his pads, can’t get the connection, the ball drops beside the pits after hitting his pads. The batsmen scamper for a single.

India 24-1

13:49 PM
Over 5

Steyn to Rahane

​4.1 Four runs. An uppish cover drive from Rahane fetches him a boundary

4.2 No run. So close yet so far! Outswinger from Steyn which just misses Rahane’s bat

4.4 Four runs. Some aggression from Rahane. Goes on the back foot to cut a short delivery and gets four for it

4.5 Four runs, rahane is breaking loose. Flicks a delivery which is on the pads to the wide long on boundary

India 20-1

13:48 PM
Over 3

Steyn runs in

2.2 One run. Dhawan drops the ball on the off side and sets off for a single, Rahane responds and dives to get in at the striker’s end as Farhaan Behardine has a shy at the stumps

One run from the over. India 4-1

13:44 PM
Over 4

Rabada to continue

3.2 Four runs. Classical cover drive from Dhawan. The ball races to the fence

13:35 PM
Over 2

Kagiso Rabada to share the new ball with Dale Steyn

​1.2 Two runs, Rohit drives a full pitched delivery and by the time Behardine dives and sends the back to the keeper, Rohit is back for a couple.

1.4. OUT! Rabada has cleaned up the centurion of the previous match. Full pitched delivery which was moving in, hits Rohit’s pads and slams into the off stump. Beaten fro pace

India 3-1

13:30 PM

13:29 PM
Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan come to crease, windmilling their bats

Dale Steyn to start the proceedings against Rohit

Over 1

0.1 No run, Rohit shoulders arms

0.2 No run, glorious cover drive by Rohit but straight to the cover fielder

0.3 No run, beautiful out swinger. Just misses the edge of Rohit’s bat. De Kock collects it behind the stumps

0.6 One run. Rohit drives on on the up to the extra cover region where the fielder picks it up and has a shy at the stumps at the non striker end, but Rohit is safe by then. India 1-0