Migratory Winged Guests at Pong Dam

Pong Dam Lake, Kangra Image credit: Wikipedia

Pong Dam Lake, Kangra
Image credit: Wikipedia

Kangra, February 4, Somitr Keshav: The largest man-made wetland of North India, the famous Pong Dam Lake in Kangra has become home to the winged guests from Siberia, Tibet, Russia and Central Asia.

Every winter these winged guests are attracted in large numbers. Tarun Shridhar, Principal Secretary (Forests and wildlife), said “the number of migratory birds has shown an increase from last year. This year Pong Dam Lake has received 1,28,200 birds of 119 different species as compared to 1,23,00 birds last year, which shows that the Wildlife Department has done a good job in securing a habitat for migratory birds. Pong Dam Lake has become an ideal destination for winter sojourn for many spices of birds. Several birds have even made it their permanent home”.

The Lake received 43,000 bar-headed geese this year. They migrate to India during the winter season from the cold desert in Tibet. However the number of rare and endangered species was quite low and only one Indian Skimmer and one Little Gull were spotted. The species which are rarely found in other wetlands in India recorded in the Lake are Common Shelduck, Sarus, Cranes, Osprey and Buff bellied Pipit.