LIVE India v/s South Africa 1st ODI: AB de Villiers toys with Indian pacers to take the Proteas past the 300-run mark

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the India v/s South Africa Ist ODI of the Freedom Series beginning at 9 am IST at Kanpur.

South Africa reached 303-5 and were buoyed by a superb century by their skipper AB de Villiers who smashed the Indian bowlers to all parts of the ground. Ravichandran Ashwin could just bowl 4.4 overs due to an injury suffered while fielding and that hurt the Indians badly.

South Africa have managed to get past the hosts in the T20 series by winning it 2-0 and will be bolstered by the arrival of the pace duo of Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel. Whereas India will look to bounce back after the series defeat in the shortest format of the game and also maintain their second position in the ODI rankings. Here is the match preview.

South Africa have won the toss and they have elected to bat first on a Green Park wicket which has a tinge of grass covering. MS Dhoni looked happy as he would have bowled if he had won the toss.

12:25 PM
Over 49

48.2 Six runs. B Kumar bowls a low full full toss and De Villiers gets under in to deposit over the sight screen

48.3 Six runs. De Villiers is having fun. This time goes over the long on fence South Africa 276-5

48.6 Four runs. Another low full toss on off stump and De Villiers power it over point. rahane does his best at the boundary but couldn’t stop the ball from rolling onto the fence South Africa 282-5

12:21 PM
Over 48

47.1 Four runs. Behardine lunges forward and cover drives Umesh to the fence. Brilliant shot! South Africa 254-5

47.4 Four runs. Behardine manages to cut a short ball which was away from his body to the cover fence South Africa 258-5

47.6 Four runs. De Villiers takes it on the full and launches it over mid off for yet another four South Africa 263-5

12:16 PM
Over 47

B Kumar to bowl

46.1 One run. Behardine takes a single down to long off

46.2 One run. De Villiers pulls to mid-wicket to take a single

46.3 Four runs. Short ball and Behardine upper cuts it over Dhoni to the third man boundary South Africa 247-5

46.6 One run. Behardine cuts a short delivery to point boundary and gets a single South Africa 250-5

12:16 PM
Another game with the boundary ropes in……….enough space at Green Park……

— Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) October 11, 2015

12:11 PM
Over 46

45.1 OUT! Umesh strikes with his very first ball. Duminy tries to go after a wide delivery and nicks it to Dhoni. Not a great way to lose your wicket, he could have left it alone South Africa​ 238-5

Behardine comes in to bat

45.2 Two runs Behardine flicks one to the fine led boundary and scampers for a couple South Africa​ 240-5

12:06 PM
Over 45

Binny replaces Ashwin

44.2 Six runs. Duminy opens his arms. Hits Binny over mid-wicket for a maximum. South Africa 223-4

44.4 Four runs. De Villiers pulls Binny to the mid wicket fence this time

44.5 Six runs. de Villiers makes Binny pay. Slower ball is heaved over long off

44.6 Four runs. De Villiers at his very best. Comes down the wicket and slaps a wide and short ball over extra cover for a superb boundary South Africa 238-4

12:01 PM
Over 44

Ashwin has gone off the field again

B Kumar to continue

Excellent over, just four runs. South Africa 217-4

11:59 AM
Over 43

Ashwin back in the attack

Just four runs from the over South Africa 213-4

11:53 AM
Over 42

B Kumar runs in to bowl his seventh over

41.2 One run. Duminy plays the ball to mid off and sets off for a single

41.3 Two runs. De Villiers gets to his half century with a couple to long off and gets a rousing reception from the crowd. he is loved in this part of the world. South Africa 203-4

41.6 Four runs. B Kumar strays on the pads and De Villiers clips it to the fine leg fence. South Africa 209-4

11:47 AM
Over 41

Mishra to bowl his last over

40.1 Two runs to square third man South Africa 196-3

40.3 OUT! Mishra gets Miller stumped. The left hander comes down the track but completely misses the line of the delivery and Dhoni does the rest. South Africa​ 197-4

Duminy comes into bat

40.4 One run. Duminy sweeps to take a single

40.5 One run De Villiers deposits the ball to the long on boundary to take a single South Africa 198-4

11:42 AM
Over 40

B Kumar to bowl, De Villiers aiming to go all guns blazing

39.2 Two runs. Slaps a short delivery to midwicket where Mishra tidies up before De Villiers comes back for a couple South Africa 191-3

Five runs from the over South Africa 194-3

11:35 AM
Over 39

38.1 No run, Binny to Miller. Dhoni collects the ball behind the stumps

38.2 One run, Miller plays to the leg side to pick up a single, South Africa 180-3

38.5 Six. That’s easy pickings for De Villiers as he smashes Binny over the mid wicket boundary South Africa 187-3

11:30 AM
Over 38

Umesh to continue

37.2 No run. De Villiers almost played it back on the stumps but is aware and kicks the ball out of the way. No damage done

37.4 One run. Miller plays to mid off and takes a single, Rahane has a shy at the stumps and misses

Another tidy over from Umesh, gives away four runs. Meanwhile Ashwin is back on the field

11:24 AM
Over 37

Binny comes into bowl

36.3 Two runs. David Miller plays on the leg side and scampers for a couple of runs

36.5 Wide. De Villiers had made up his mind to go for the big shot but Binny bowls down the leg and it is called a wide

11:19 AM
Over 36

Umesh Yadav to continue

Just three runs from the over and it’s drinks

11:15 AM
Over 35

Raina is introduced again, Dhoni trying to cash in on the loss of latest South African wicket

34.6 Six runs! That is massive. De Villiers comes down the track and deposits Raina over the mid wicket boundary

11:10 AM
Over 34

33.1 OUT! Umesh strikes. Traps Du Plessis in front of the wicket. A superb in-swinger from the pacer and Du Plessis was trying to play the ball for a single but it hits him on the front leg and the umpire has no hesitation to give that out

11:07 AM
Over 33

32.1 No run. Chance of a run out. Du Plesssi plays a Mishra delivery to the cover region, his partner, De Villiers hurries in to rotate the strike but he is sent back by Du Plessis. Virat Kohli throws at non strikers end but De Villiers is back by then

11:02 AM
Over 32

Ashwin dived full stretch to stop a De Villiers’ effort and it looks like he has hurt himself. Can’t continue. Virat Kohli to bowl the over’s last two balls

11:00 AM
Over 31

  1. 3 No run. Mishra to de Villiers. Another beautiful leg spinner. Beats De Villiers and just misses the off stump

30.5 Wide. Mishra errs in line and bowls down the leg

10:59 AM
SA 138/2 after 29 overs. RR 4.76. #ProteaFire

— Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) October 11, 2015

10:57 AM
Over 30

29.2 No run. Ashwin to De Villiers. Appeals for a lbw but that has struck him outside the off stump

Just a single from the over

10:53 AM
Over 29

Four singles from the Mishra over

10:51 AM
Over 28

Ashwin comes back

27.4 3 runs. De Villiers cuts a low short ball, Mishra dives to prevent one run at the third man boundary

10:47 AM
Over 27

26.2 Six runs! Raina drops it short and Du Plessis goes on the back foot to heave it over the wide long off fence

10:43 AM
Over 26

25.3 4 runs. That should have been a wicket. Mishra flummoxes De Villiers with a leg spinner which takes the edge and goes between the slip and wicketkeeper. Rahane dives to stop the ball from reaching the boundary at third man but fails to prevent four runs

10:40 AM
Over 25

24.3 4 runs. Raina balls a rank short ball and Du Plessis spanks it to cover boundary by cutting it

10:35 AM
Over 24

23.2 OUT! Mishra knocks back the stumps of Amla. The leggie fires in a quicker delivery that catches Amla napping. Hits Amla’s back leg and then disturbs the furniture behind him

Three runs and a wicket from the over

10:32 AM
Over 23

22.2 1 run. Amla plays Raina to the short mid wicket position and runs. Binny picks it up and has a shy at the stumps at the non strikers end, misses his target. Amla would have been dismissed had that hit the timber

10:29 AM
Over 22

Mishra replaces Binny

21.3 1 run. Flighted and on off stump, Du Plessis takes the aerial route finds the sweeper cover

2 runs from the over

10:26 AM
Over 21

Three singles from the Raina over

10:22 AM
Over 20

19.2 1 run. Amla guides a fuller delivery from Binny to the third man

19.4 1 run Du Plessis comes on the front foot and cover drives, Rahane dives to stop the ball but can’t prevent Du Plessis from taking a single

10:19 AM
Over 19

18.1 2 runs. Raina to Amla. Amla swivels across to the off stump and plays the ball to the fine leg area

18.5 2 runs. Du Plessis lap sweeps Raina to the fine leg boundary and comes back for a couple

10:14 AM
Over 18

Binny to bowl

17.1 No run. Du Plessis finds the fielder at cover

17.2 No run. That shot up from the pitch. Smashes the fingers of Du Plessis as he drops his bat

17.4 1 run. Du Plessis drops it on the off side and runs, Amla responds

17.6 No run. Got some bounce off the pitch. Du Plessis plays it down

10:13 AM
Fans are seen enjoying the match during the 1st @Paytm ODI in Kanpur. #INDvsSA

— BCCI (@BCCI) October 11, 2015

10:11 AM
Over 17

Suresh Raina into the attack

16.4 No run, that kept low and Amla tried to make room and cut, beaten by pace and that was mighty close to his off stump

10:03 AM
Over 15

14.1 Amla cuts Mishra hard and picks up a boundary through the point region

09:57 AM
Over 14

Binny to continue

13.2 4 runs! Du Plessis uses his feet, and cover drives Binny to boundary. That had class written all over it

13.5 2 runs! Du Plessis again advances down the wicket and plays to the extra cover area, sweeper cover picks it up, throws it but by then Du Plessis is back for the second

13.6 4 runs! edged and that goes past slip to the third man boundary

09:54 AM
Over 13

12.1 Almost got Amla! The right hander steps down the track and loops up a leg spinner to Amla but it falls short of him

12.5 4 runs! Du Plessis sweeps Mishra to the mid wicket fence

09:49 AM
Over 12

Now Binny gets a chance to roll his arm over

11.3 1 run. Amla plays a back of a length delivery to fine leg to bring up South Africa’s fifty

11.6 No run. Du Plessis comes down the pitch but can only play the ball back to the bowler

09:47 AM
Over 11

Mishra in the attack

10.2 No run. Superb fielding by Rohit Sharma at point. Amla cuts a short ball from Mishra, Rohit dives full stretch and makes a one handed save, surely prevented a boundary there

09:46 AM
It’s a great phase for @ashwinravi99. In a dream run.

— Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) October 11, 2015

09:41 AM
Over 10

Change of ends for B Kumar

B Kumar keeps it tight, just 2 runs from the over

09:34 AM
Over 9

Ashwin replaces B Kumar

8.1 No run, Amla dabs it to the short mid wicket

8.2 1 run to deep mid wicket

8.3 No run De Kock plays it back to Ashwin\

8.4 OUT! Ashwin strikes immediately. De Kock gone. Ashwin bowls a genuine off spinners delivery which pitches on middle and leg and turns away to the slip cordon, De kock nicks it to Suresh raina, one Indian who has the safest pair of hands on the ground

8.5 Close shout! Faf du Plessis survives as the ball was doing a bit too much and going towards the leg stumps. Umpire gives benifit of doubt to batsman

09:31 AM
Over 8

7.3 4 runs! Umesh again bowling it short, it doesn’ t get up and De Kock pushes it to the mid wicket fence, Outfield is too fast as races to the boundary.

09:27 AM
Over 7

6.6 4 runs! Amla again square cuts a B Kumar short ball and the fielder at point has no chance to stop it

09:25 AM
Over 6

5.6 4 runs! Amla times a short ball from Umesh Yadav beautifully and that ball goes between cover and point for yet another boundary

09:23 AM
Interesting decision by SA to bat first after winning the toss. Six out of last seven ODIs at Kanpur were won by chasing sides. #IndvsSA

— Rajneesh Gupta (@rgcricket) October 11, 2015

09:20 AM
Over 5

4.3 First signs of movement, De Kock almost edged B Kumar’s delivery to Dhoni

​4.4 4 runs! That was sweet, Flicked B Kumar’s delivery to the mid wicket boundary

4.4 4 runs! That’s cracked. Short and on off stump and De Kumar cuts it to the point boundary

09:19 AM
Direct hit from Kohli & he gives de Kock something to think about. He’s safely over the line so no run out. SA 13/0 (3.1 ovs) #ProteaFire

— Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) October 11, 2015

09:12 AM
Over 4

3.1 That was close! But De Kock survives. Virat Kohli’s direct hit from mid off hits the stump but the South African keeper made his crease by an inch. He had set off for a single as soon as he hit the ball.

3.2 2 runs. Amla stands up tall and plays the short ball to the point boundary, gets back for a couple before the fielder from the deep returns the ball back to Dhoni

09:09 AM
Over 3

De Kock takes a single of the last ball of B Kumar to deny him a maiden over

09:04 AM
Over 2

1.1 4 runs, De Kock calmly places Umesh Yadav’s gentle half volley to the mid wicket boundary

1.2 No run, De kock goes for a forward defensive shot

1.2 Wide, too much away from De kock. Shoulders arms. Umpire stretches arms

1.3 No run, Forwrad defensive push again from de Kock

​1.4 No run, flicked to short mid wicket

1.5 1 run, De kock turns away to deep fine leg, Umesh erring in line

1.6 No rum, Amla defends