Deepika and Prakash Padukone share screen in an adorable commercial

Deepika Padukone has brought another member of her family to share the screen with her. Last time it was mommy dearest, this time Pa Prakash Padukone can be seen endorsing a paint brand with Deepika.

Deepika and Prakash Padukone

After the emotional ad for a jewellery brand with her mother, Deepika Padukone is sharing the screen with her father and badminton legend Prakash Padukone.

In the commercial, Deepika has taken to herself to decorate the house with badminton as a theme. We have one wall turned to look like a net and the other displaying two vintage badminton rackets.

But the best part is when Prakash Padukone sees his daughter still drawing on the wall reminding him of her childhood.

Take a look at happy commercial: