I just want to enjoy cricket: Yuvraj Singh

He comes down from the dressing room a few minutes after his team has begun their nets. He takes throw downs. Then takes a break. Walks with a swagger that hasn’t waned one bit. Once again he returns to take throw downs the attitude et al still intact.


He is the man everybody wants to talk to, pose for photographs with and clamour for autographs. Doesn’t matter if he is in the Indian team or not. Yuvraj Singh easily steals the show wherever he goes.

On Wednesday morning, the southpaw was the biggest star and a show stopper on the eve of the big ticket Ranji Trophy clash between hosts Mumbai and Punjab at the Wankhede.

There used to be a time when Mumbai would tower over other teams with superstars in their line-up, but it is not so now. Punjab does not appear like a pushover team, Yuvraj’s presence makes it rather formidable.

For someone who is not being considered for a place in the Indian team and is often told that he has lost his magica touch in the last two years, Yuvraj remains motivated and wants to “enjoy the game” like how he used to as a kid.

And that is how how Yuvraj wants to treat this season and the game against Mumbai — as something to be enjoyed.

“I just want to play and enjoy my cricket. If I get opportunity to come back and play for India, I look forward to that. These are the games which will give me opportunity to make that come back. So, I am trying my best. I had six weeks of good off-season training and practicing. Hopefully, it comes through in the games,” he tells the mediapersons during the pre-match presser at the Wankhede.

Considering the present Indian batting line-up, it may prove to be an uphill task for Yuvraj to make a comeback into the national side. But he is not giving up. When asked what keeps him going:

“I don’t know. It’s you people, it’s the country. It’s just that passion to play the game. I was speaking to Sachin (Tendulkar) last year and he said that, obviously, the most important thing is to play for India but don’t forget to enjoy the game.”

“As kids we always played the game to enjoy it. We never knew that we were going to play for India. So, I think I enjoy playing cricket and it was always my passion as a young boy. So, as long as I am enjoying it, I want to play,” he adds.

Yuvraj says that despite many ‘forget it’ moments, the passion has kept him going.

“You have your moments in life where games are disappointing and things that do not go your way but as I said, what do you play cricket for? To enjoy itand so as long as I am doing that whether it is domestic … obviously playing international is the main part. So I’m always looking forward to do that and win matches for the team,” he says.

Yuvraj says his focus right now is not on the World T20 to be played in India next year. “A World Cup is a World Cup whether it is T20 or fifty overs. It’s always an honour to play another World Cup. However, I am not thinking so far ahead I am just taking it game by game see how it is going, how I can improve. So, that’s what my target is,” he says.