After cancelled concert, Ghulam Ali says he is very hurt, says Pakistani singer

Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali has said that he is hurt after his concert was cancelled following threats by Shiv Sena, reports NDTV. “I am not angry but I am very hurt,” he said to the TV channel.

He also added that despite the cancellation, he still had love for India. “I have got lots of love for India. I only spread love through my music. Music is Allah, Bhagwan and God,” he added. He also said to another TV channel that he wished for better relations between India and Pakistan.

He said that issues like are hurtful, “Such controversies spoil people’s ‘sur’.”

Ali also said that his music has no boundaries. “My voice is not bound with borders,” he said that people can access his music in any form.

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Ali has also sung in several Bollywood films. He had earlier performed at the Sankar Mochan temple in PM Modi’s constituency Varanasi.

The concert was held in honour of late Jagjit Singh.