Sack me if you want, but Dadri case is going to the UN, says Azam Khan

Lucknow(PTI): Uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare and Urban Development Minister Azam Khan on Wednesday reiterated his stand that he will take the case of the Dadri lynching to the United Nations, adding that this was not about Hindus and Muslims, but about the war against right and wrong.

Sack me if you want, but Dadri case is going to the UN, says Azam Khan

“India is a member of UN and we cannot live in isolation. I do not understand why there is a commotion over this. If you are not guilty of anything, then what are you worried off. I will do whatever I can to ensure justice is given and will not back down now,” Khan said.

Shrugging off the attacks on him by other political parties, Khan said he was not concerned with anything else other than ensuring that justice is delivered.

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“I have been receiving steady death threats but that has not deterred me. I will put forth the issue of the voiceless at the UN. And this is not a novelty as the Badaun incident was also taken to the UN level. The world needs to know that the RSS is trying to do,” Khan added.

He also expressed his displeasure at Prime Minister Modi branding India as a land of thieves and corrupt people, saying that it was insulting to Indians everywhere.

“People at the UN must be laughing and wondering where PM Modi is leading the country to. What are the Muslims in this country supposed to do now. Leave the nation, and where are they supposed to go? Fascism is bubbling,” Khan added.

Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece Saamna in its editorial earlier had demanded that Azam Khan be sacked immediately for taking the Dadri case to the UN.