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Uttar Pradesh cops seek action against Mahesh Sharma, Sangeet Som

Lucknow(dna):Union culture minister Mahesh Sharma and controversial BJP MLA Sangeet Som were on Tuesday named in a report filed by the Uttar Pradesh Police seeking recommendations on possible course of legal action against the duo for violating prohibitory orders in Bisara village.

BJP MLA Sangeet Singh Som, accused of circulating a hate video that led to the riots, being produced in a court in Muzaffarnagar on Saturday.

Bahujan Samaj Party leader Naseemuddin Siddiqui has also been named in the report, and police will now wait for a response from the state government headquarters on the next course of action.

Other than these three leaders, members of the Gau Raksha Dal and Hindu Raksha Sena (HRD) have also been named in the report on the same charges. Police had earlier filed an FIR against HRD after the right wing group allegedly raised slogans and distributed pamphlets in Bisara.

Police had earlier told dna that it had collected video-graphic evidence of the speeches made by the leaders on their visit to Bisara village where on September 28, Mohamad Akhlaq was murdered by a mob that suspected him of eating beef.

While a swarm of political leaders visited the family of Mohamad Akhlaq, Sharma, a member of Parliament from Noida and Som, who is also an accused in the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, held a meeting addressing the villagers from a particular community.

Sharma had faced severe criticism after he described the murder as an accident. “This (incident) should be considered as an accident without giving any communal colour to it,” Sharma had said. The minister had also criticised the role of media accusing it of giving a communal colour to the incident. A day after Sharma’s visit, media was assaulted and chased away from the village.

Som, who visited the village on Sunday, was, however, accused of giving an inflammatory speech. A video, which surfaced on Tuesday, shows Som saying, “If action is taken against innocents, we have given a befitting reply earlier and can do so again.”

Among the prominent leaders who visited the village were Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Brinda Karat and Asadudin Owaisi.

“Many politicians visited the village but most of them only met the family to pay their condolences. Persons who violated section 144 by intentionally gathering a crowd are being investigated,” said SP (rural) Sanjay Singh.

Meanwhile, tensions continued to simmer in Bisara after a youth named Jai Prakash allegedly committed suicide. dna managed to enter the village and spoke to the residents who claimed that the youth was being pressurised by the police. “He was being told that his name was among the men who attacked Akhlaq,” said a resident. Before dna could make further inquiries, women in the village asked this correspondent to leave. The same group of women were, however, confronted by another group who said that the media should now be allowed into the village to cover the youth’s death.

The women would then leave the village for the first time in three days to talk to media accusing the police of arresting ‘innocent men’. The SP rural said that the youth’s death was not related to either the murder of Akhlaq or subsequent police action.