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Dadri murder pre-meditated, well planned by the Hindutva forces: DU, JNU fact-finding panel

New Delhi: The lynching of a 50-year-old Muslim man in Dadri over rumours of eating beef did not happen on the “spur of the moment” and was planned by certain Hindutva forces, a ‘fact-finding’ committee of academicians from JNU and Delhi University, among others, has claimed. The group, Janhastakshep, also accused the Uttar Pradesh government of allowing “free play” to the communal forces and demanded a high-level inquiry into killing of Akhlaq and punishment to the guilty.

Dadri victim's family

Dadri murder well planned by the Hindutva forces. File Photo

“There was ample evidence available to suggest that the incident did not take place on the spur of the moment and had been well planned by the Hindutva forces.”It was implemented through a maze of front organisations other than those associated with Sangh Parivar so it is established that such an event cannot be directly attributed to the Sangh,” Ish Mishra, Janhastakshep convenor told reporters. The team came out with its findings after visiting the Bishada village where Iqlakh was bludgeoned to death on September 28 by a 200-strong mob over rumours about storing and consuming beef. His 22-year-old son Danish was grievously injured in the assault. Cow slaughter is banned in Uttar Pradesh.

“Our investigation of the events leading up to the murder and grievous injury sustained by his son reveals that the incident is an extension of new genre of low intensity, high impact communal tension targeting the Muslims and instilling the fear of brute power of the majority community among the Muslim masses,” said Vikas Bajpai, a JNU professor while releasing the report. The group also condemned the remarks made by Union Minister Mahesh Sharma, terming the incident an “accident resulting from misunderstanding”, and demanded that he be removed from the Ministry and an FIR be filed against him. “We also demand that action be taken against local police for its failure to restrain the local communal elements and for failing to keep track of the activities of numerous senas which have been active in vitiating the atmosphere in the area,” Mishra said.

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