Is Taylor Swift upset with Miley Cyrus?

Taylor Swift was totally dissed during Miley Cyrus’ hosting stint on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on October 3 and has some plans to get back at her. While Miley, 22, hasn’t been shy about voicing her opinions of pop stars lately, the episode showed a video, with the ‘Walking Dead’ theme, mocking Swift’s growing crew.

Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus

The video shows two girls from high school being involved in a car crash and when they regain consciousness, the world seemed to have joined Swift’s squad. Although Miley was not featured in the video, it was reported that Swift believed the 22-year-old Wrecking Ball singer was behind it. “It’s hardly coincidental that Taylor was parodied in an episode hosted by Miley,” a source said, before adding,[Taylor] hopes that she will get her chance to cleverly deliver a retort when it’s her turn to host again.”