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Oxygen OS 2: Personalisation all the way

Oxygen OS is the new operating system that ships with OnePlus devices, one of the most popular mobile phones in the market today. The smartphone manufacturer decided to drop Cyanogenmod for their own operating system, a light skin built on top of Android 5.1.1 giving it a look very similar to pure Android. This minimalist approach makes the phone a hit within purist circles while also packing a few of its own features that make the Oxygen OS experience feel very personalized.

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Oxygen OS’s main focus seems to be customization and it does the job really well. It packs three fully configurable capacitive keys, the one’s you see on your screen. You can customize these keys to do any of the tasks you do on a regular basis, making it extremely easy to get things done. Oxygen also brings in The Shelf, a panel for your frequently used apps. Think recent items on Windows or All your files on a mac, but on a phone. Oxygen OS also comes with three pre-installed icon packs, so that you can change the stock Android icons into something more aligned with your taste.

Oxygen also comes with a dark theme that turns all white backgrounds into dark ones for a more comfortable viewing experience in the night. This feature although simple was something I found very useful. You also get support for gestures, something growing rapidly in popularity the world over. Although I don’t personally use the feature, many of you might. Another great customization option is the ability to change the color of LED notifications. Therefore even from a distance you can tell what kind of notifications you have waiting for you.

Oxygen OS comes with SwiftKey preinstalled. The keyboard uses Artifical Intelligence to learn the words you type and offers a fast autocorrect and predictive text solution. Maxx Audio with Oxygen gives you the option to customize your settings and toggle between audio presets right from your volume panel which are enhanced for speakers, headphones, or other connected devices.

The operating system however is not without its faults, a buggy update system, average stock android camera, a broken image viewer and a basic file manager leave a lot to be desired.

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