Another UP village claims cow slaughter, heavy police contingent deployed

Another incident of cow-slaughtering was reported from Uttar Pradesh on Sunday – this time from the Chithara village. According to the local police, around 8.30 pm, some villagers called up the authorities saying that a cow has been slaughtered in the area.

Another UP village claims cow slaughter, heavy police contingent deployed

Lucknow: Family members of Akhlaq, who was lynched in Dadri visits Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, AKhilesh Yadav, at his official residence in Lucknow on Sunday. PTI

Officials confirmed the development, but said the situation was calm. A heavy police contingent has been deployed in Chithara following the report.

Chithara is just 4-5 km from Bisara, where, on September 28, Dadri villager Mohammad Akhlaq was murdered by a mob on rumours that he had eaten beef. His son, Danish, was also attacked in the incident and is currently undergoing treatment in a Noida hospital.

An officer told dna that, initially, the villagers were all riled up after finding the remains of the cow but the situation was brought under control.

“Police teams have been deployed in the entire area for the night. We will ensure that no untoward incident takes place,” the officer said. He added that the remains of the cow indicate that it had been slaughtered 4-5 days ago.

“There was tension in the area and we have pacified the people. It is unfortunate how some mischievous elements like to take advantage of the situation,” he said. The cow’s remains include bones, neck and legs.

Authorities also said that they don’t suspect anyone for now and the priority was to maintain peace. However, the situation might not be too easy for the police to handle, especially since the social media and WhatsApp groups played a big role in spreading the rumour about Akhlaq slaughtering a cow.

dna spoke to a person, identifying himself as Varun Sisodia, who claimed that he was a resident of Bisara. Sidodia claimed that came to know about the incident in Chithara through a ‘friend’.

“All I heard was that a lot of police had been sent to the village. My friend told me that a cow had been slaughtered in the area,” Sisodia told dna.

Authorities told dna that multiple teams of police are maintaining vigil in the entire area.