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LIVE India v/s South Africa 1st Twenty20: Rohit’s scintillating 106 gives SA 200 to chase

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the first Twenty20 international between India and South Africa, at Dharamsala.

Rohit Sharma after scoring a century in the 1st Twenty20 between India and South Africa
Rohit Sharma after scoring a century in the 1st Twenty20 between India and South Africa Rohit Sharma after scoring a century in the 1st Twenty20 between India and South Africa AFP photo
India have finished on 199/5 off 20 overs. Rohit Sharma made a terrific century though he should have been adjudged LBW very early on. South Africa pulled India bit a back after his dismissal. Nevertheless, 199 is a great score to defend.

Over 20

Wide and a full toss, but Dhoni can only get a single on the off side.

Yorked, and Axar Patel ends up with a single.

Good length ball on middle, Dhoni goes for a slog but ends up pulling into the ground for one.

Bouncer, and Axar Patel can’t reach it. Not called wide.

Full ball to Axar, who can’t get any elevation on it. Just a single to long on. Last ball coming up.

SIX! Trust Dhoni to finish it this way! Full on middle and this time Dhoni gets well under it, hits it straight as an arrow down the ground for six. India finish on 199/5 off their 20 overs.

Over 19

OUT! Raina is gone. He walks across the stumps to play the ball on the on side, but is hit flush on the front pad. India 184/4, Raina made 14.

OUT! Ambati Rayudu is run out. He was going for a quick couple, but the second was not on. Dhoni sent him back but it was too late. He was miles out.

FOUR. Dhoni pulls hard into the leg side for four.

7 off the over as Dhoni gets a single. India 189/5 with 1 over left.

Over 18

FOUR. Short from de Lange, doesn’t come on but Dhoni swivel pulls it hard for four.

Near-yorker, dug out by Dhoni for one.

SIX! Full on middle and pulled over deep midwicket for six. Typical Raina.

Raina gives himself room this time and tries to slog again. It’s the slower ball from de Lange and Raina misses.

Another slower ball, Raina plays early, scoops it towards long on, but it falls just short of the man rushing in. India 182/3 after 18 overs.

Over 16

OUT! Kohli holes out in the deep, and fortunately for the Proteas, Duminy catches it this time. 43 off 26. India 160/2.

Wide yorker, Rohit had moved away from the leg stump, and then nearly lay flat on his face to reach the ball. He manages to scoop it over Amla for two.

OUT! Gone. Very good bouncer, Rohit goes for the hook, gets the top edge and the ball flies to fine leg, whether it is caught. Sharma out for 106 off 65. What an innings. India 162/3 after 16 overs. Great over from Kyle Abbott.

Over 15

140ks full toss for Rohit, he pulls it to deep square leg but its called a no ball for height. Full toss for height.

Kohli swings the resultant free hit over the off side, miscues and is dropped by Duminy. Gets a single.

FOUR. Brilliant hit over cover by Sharma for four, he moves to 97.

SIX! What a way to make a century! Slightly less full on off stump, Rohit clears his back foot and goes coolly over long off. The ball hits the sightscreen and Sharma brings up 103 in 62 balls. India 158/1 after 15 overs.

Over 14

FOUR. Full toss on middle and leg, Rohit flicks behind, and the ball goes for four as Duminy slips while attempting a fairly simple save.

FOUR. Good length on middle and Sharma pulls it very hard, coaxes the ball through square leg for four.

Down the track and Kohli gets a single to long off. India 140/1 after 14 overs.

Over 13

SIX! Devastating shot. Fuller than good length on off from Rabada and Rohit goes straight down the ground, perfect backlift and follow through.

Harbhajan Singh on interview says the dew on the ball is affecting the South African bowlers.

SIX! Short, sits up on off stump, and Rohit again pulls on the front foot and in front of square for six.

Two dot balls to end the over. India 129/1 after 13.

Over 12

SIX! Sharma carts that way back into the stands behind deep midwicket for six.

SIX! Full on middle, and this time Kohli half-slog sweeps, half powers it over long on for six.

SIX! Another six. This was brute power. Kohli cleared his backfoot, got the ball on the full and went just over long off.

Two singles to end the over. India 115/1.

Over 11

JP Duminy comes into the attack.

Milked to wide long on twice off the first two balls. India have settled into a rhythm.

Slog sweep from Rohit, shout of ‘catch’ from the bowler, but it lands in no man’s land. Wide long on stretches to stop the boundary.

Duminy goes round the wicket to Kohli and bowls a wide.

Kohli converts the last ball into a waist high full toss, but can get just one to long on. Two runs. India 94/1 after 11 overs.

Over 10

Short outside off and easy pace, Sharma plays a late cut over short third man for four. Nearly went all the way.

Sharma has completed a half century in 39 balls.

FOUR. What a shot. Full on middle, and Rohit moves away to the off side De Villiers style, then scoops the ball over the keeper for four.

Single off the last ball, India 86/1 after 10 overs.

Over 9

FOUR. Leg spinner, turns away after pitching, and full. Rohit took full toll, smashed it through vacant cover point for four.

Googly from Tahir, but again he gets the line wrong. On the pads and tickled away to short fine leg for one.

Tentatively chipped to long off for a single. India 75/1 after 9 overs.

Over 8

SIX! Virat Kohli takes Morris off a good length and goes down the ground. Just clears long on for a flat six!

FOUR. On the hips and Kohli now works it through square leg for four.

Short and rising, angles into off stump and Kohli plays it down off his chest for one.

Inside edge for one ends the over. 14 off it. India 65/1 after 8.

Over 7

Imran Tahir comes into the attack.

Oh. Inside edge to a slower full ball, and Rohit nearly played on casually.

Tucked away into the leg side and India run a very quick double. Brilliant running.

Another inside edge as Rohit fails to read the flipper. Inside edge to square leg for one.

Five off the over. India 51/1 after 7 overs.

Over 6

Big Morris comes into the attack. Bowls a very wide ball first up.

Full ball on middle and swatted across the line by Kohli for one.

FOUR. Rohit comes down the track and carts Morris across the line and over midwicket. The fielder was straighter than he should have been, else it would have been a catch at deep midwicket. But he misfields as well as its four.

SIX! Short and sits up on the hips, Sharma swivel-pulls it for six to long leg! India 46/1 after 6 overs.

Over 4

OUT! Shikhar Dhawan is gone for 3. He drove into the covers and then Rohit called for a second run off the misfield. There was never a second run and Dhawan was always going to struggle at the striker’s end. He very nearly made it – his bat was on the line when the bails came off. But he’s gone. India 21/1.

Virat Kohli is the new batsman. He gets a run off his second ball.

Fast, head high short ball from Rabada. Goes over Rohit’s head but the umpire gives it a no ball. Sharma took his eyes off the ball at the last moment.

Rapped on the pads again, and Rohit goes for a quick single.

Full toss, seemed like it slipped out of Rabada’s hands. Kohli gets an inside edge that luckily goes to backward short leg for a single. India 25/1 after 4 overs.

Over 3

Marchant de Lange is the new bowler.

Short from Lange, but too close to Dhawan’s body for a cut over the slip fielders. He misses, and thankfully so.

Now a single to the on side. 13/0.

FOUR. Short ball, the ball doesn’t come on very well, but Rohit pulls the ball on the front foot, in front of square for four.

FOUR. Brilliant shot. Rohit darts away from the stumps as Lange delivers. He takes the ball on a good length on middle stump and drives through covers for four. India 21/0 after 3 overs.

Over 2

Rabada bowls a wide to Shikhar Dhawan first up.

Rabada bowls a slow yorker to Sharma and he digs it out.

Rohit lets another ball go. There is some spice in the wicket for the pace bowlers, hence the early respect. And hence SA’s choice to bowl first.

FOUR. This time it was just a little shorter and Sharma opted to go after it. Perfect cover drive and screams to the cover fence.

Trick ball from Rabada, slows down after pitching and comes in. Rohit gets an inside edge to the on side for one. India 11/0 after 2.

Over 1

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are opening the batting for India.

First ball is slightly wide of off stump and Sharma lets it go.

The second ball seams away slightly after pitching and Rohit hangs his bat out for a moment.

Hit on the pads, and there is a big appeal from the bowler. Rohit played across the line and the ball hit him flush on the pads. Not given but that looked out. Meanwhile, there was a shy at the bowler’s end and Dhawan had to dive to get back in!

FOUR. Short and wide and Rohit scoops it over gully, not fully in control but four to third man.

India 4/0 after 1 over.

19:02 IST Friday, 2 October 2015
Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the first Twenty20 international between India and South Africa, at Dharamsala. This is the first game of the tour for South Africa, which includes 3 Twenty20 internations, 5 ODIs and 4 Tests.

South Africa have won the toss and are going to bowl first.

The match begins at 7 pm IST. You can read the match preview here.

Here’s how the two teams have fared against each other in the past.

Also, there are some spicy one-on-one encounters to look out for.

Ajinkya Rahane is not in the starting XI for India. MS Dhoni returns as captain.