Opt for this Mahatma-inspired home decor

Admirers of the iconic leader pay tribute to him by incorporating elements of the Gandhian lifestyle in their homes

Known for his philosophy of simple living and high thinking, Mahatma Gandhi lifestyle bereft of indulgences is legendary . It’s often been referred to as the Gandhian way of life. While his values have and will always inspire people, of late, they have become a become a major source of inspiration to making a lifestyle statement, including home decor. Wondering how? Let’s take a look at some examples…
SHADES OF WHITE The fact that Gandhi loved white is known to all, hence home decor inspired by him use different shades of white as a dominant colour.From walls to bedspreads and cushions or with fine prints or checks, everything is in white. In fact, a spread of white should also features on the doors as well as window frames and lampshades, which will lend a serene look to the house. A calm and simple setting that he’s believed to have lived in all his life.

GANDHIAN ARTEFACTS Certain elements are synonymous with the Mahatma-the most prominent one being the wooden charkha and his iconic spectacles. A lot of designers have incorporated the legendary Gandhian symbol into various artefacts -for instance, a mango wood charkha comes in various sizes and different shades of mahogany, hazelnut, chestnut, etc. Some also have fine carvings on it. The charkha has also found expression in the form of clocks, both table and wall clocks which also look quite elegant.His iconic spectacle frames have also been used as a decorative element

in the house. Mostly made of wrought iron, there are wall shelves, hangers and lamps that are inspired by this design.

USE OF KHADI AND JUTE Thanks to the simple look and feel, jute and khadi make for some great options for creative designs. A Gandhi-inspired home will seem incomplete without a touch of these fabrics. One can use jute and khadi curtains, tablerunners as well as cushion covers. Moreover you can also get your sofa seater covered with these fabrics to lend it a natural look.One can also opt for the fancy jute curtains that come stitched in creative patterns and adorned with wooden buttons, and jute curtain rings. Jute coasters and rugs too make for a great choice when setting up your home the Gandhian way.

SIMPLE WOOD AND CANE FURNITURE One of the most iconic Gandhian furniture is the charpoy . You can find several versions of the charpoy being designed for various spaces like your living area, baithak, etc. They come in various sizes, mostly in solid wood with a rough jute inlay as its seating. Some charpoys are also fancily quilted to lend a stylish look to your home. Cane furnitures are also a part of this design culture.These include simple cane furniture like chairs and sofas without too much detailing and are lightweight.They usually have white cushions and seats that are hugely inspired by the leader.