Comparison of Mahatma Gandhi with PM Modi “unfortunate”, says Congress

New Delhi(ANI): Congress leader Meem Afzal on Thursday said it was extremely unfortunate that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Vijay Goel had put up posters comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Mahatma Gandhi.

Narendra Modi paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

“It is extremely unfortunate that Gandhi ji is being compared to (Prime Minister) Modi. In my opinion, it is difficult to be even close to Gandhi ji?s stature. Even Modi ji knows that he cannot be compared to Gandhi ji,” he said.

Afzal further said it was a desperate attempt by Goel to gain the attention of party bosses.

“Vijay Goel doesn’t have a good status in the party now a days. This poster could be an effort by him to regain attention in the party,” Afzal added.

Goel had put up a poster at his residence today that compared Mahatma Gandhi and Prime Minister Modi. Goel also called the Prime Minister a saint from Sabarmati.