Radhe Maa claims that Dolly Bindra tortured her so much that she wanted to commit suicide

Controversial godwoman Radhe Maa who is accused of dowry harassment by a Mumbai housewife has said she wanted to commit suicide when she was called by the police, reports Mid-day.

Radhe Maa and Dolly Bindra

She said that she wondered what she had done wrong which caused her to be summoned by the police. But she changed her mind thinking that she wanted to be prepared to face the consequence if she had done anything wrong.

She spoke about Dolly Bindra who had accused Radhe Maa of intimidation, sexual harassment and voyeurism.

She said she tried to reform Bindra to become a good human being as she would scream between her programmes and use foul foul language. Radhe Maa also claimed that TV actress and reality show star would want all attention that her followers gave her. She claimed she felt so tortured by Bindra that she wanted to commit suicide. “She wanted all the attention for herself, she wanted to become Radhe Maa,” she said

She also denied knowing any Arshi Khan and said she would never think of getting involved in a sex racket. She added that those making such claims did for cheap publicity, adding “…they should do something good instead; I pray to god that they find some guidance.”

About the little trishul that she always wields, Radhe Maa says she carries it with her as she feels that Devi Ma is with her.

She also clarified that she won’t be going on Bigg Boss saying that she has not even seen the programme. “The question of me appearing on such a show does not arise,” she said.

Radhe Maa who is also known as Sukhwindar Kaur said that she was into music since childhood and went into a trance when listening to it. After her in-laws noticed that, they took her to a guru who christened her ‘Radhe Maa’.