Homeland meets Gossip Girl: That’s how Priyanka Chopra describes Quantico!

Priyanka Chopra is possibly one of those few Bollywood icons who has managed to traverse boundaries. Be it her international singles or her now famous TV series Quantico, Priyanka has definitely turned out to be one of the biggest global icons in India.

While the show is all set to create a storm in international markets, Priyanka is mighty excited. “It’s finally happening. I hope everyone likes the show,” she said.

Talking about the show, the actress made an interesting revelation. “There’s college, friendships, conspiracy, manipulations and everything else in Quantico. It’s like Homeland meets Gossip Girl. People who have watched these shows will understand why I am saying this.”

Will there be a second season planned already? “Yes, if the show gets picked up,” she smiles. And will it have another story? “With each season, we will have different stories to tell. Like the mystery behind this season will be revealed in the finale itself,” she confirmed.