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The latest Skype update now supports Android Wear

Need to control your Skype experience without the hassle of leaning forward and using the desktop program or whipping out your smartphone and tapping the screen? Well the newest version of the popular communication app now extends control to your wrist.

The recently released Skype 6.4 for Android update now brings messaging, new emojis, and the undeniably lazy-convenient ability to accept, decline or mute calls right from your wrist, thanks to its new Android Wear support.

Extending support further into the chat and messaging world, the update also brings the ability to respond to Skype messages using your Android Smartwatch’s voice recognition abilities, or send pre-canned messages in case you’re hard pressed for time and aren’t up to dictating longer replies.

Got an Android Wear watch? Grab the latest version of Skype from the Google Play Store.