Research to be carried out by HP veterinarian in New Zealand


Shimla, February 4, Somitr Keshav: A veterinarian by profession, Sushil Sood working in the forest department of Tutikandi in Shimla has been invited by New Zealand government to collaborate in carrying out artificial insemination of Kakapos, an endangered bird.

Sushil Sood is a post-graduate in “Wildlife Management Conservation and Control” from the University of Reading (UK) and a doctorate in ‘Reproductive Technology and Physiology from the University of Western Australia. After completing his studies in 2000, he came to India and after a brief stint as a field veterinarian, he was appointed as a zoo veterinarian in the forest department.

From all over the world he was the only expert who had been invited this year. Department of conservation, New Zealand will bear all his expenses related to this trip, he said.

He said he had executed a pilot project for mass sterilization of monkeys using laser and laparoscopic techniques at Monkey Sterilization Centre.