I had two options, either to swim or drown: Kangana

A clap session for actors Kangana Ranaut and Irrfan was the apt way to start the ‘Do Anokhey Sitron Ki Daastan’ session at the Hindustan Shikhar Samagam here on Saturday.

“After leaving home I had two options — to swim or get drowned. Left with no choices, I had to cruise along. And doing that I found a footing in the industry,” said National Award winning actor Kangana to a query by the session moderator, Kishor Ajwani.
“At home you have ‘maa ki god and baap ka haath’(mother’s love and father’s care). So leaving home certainly helped me. Thokaren khaa kar main pakki ho gai (I became strong after many failures).”
On his long journey in the acting world, Irrfan said: “This journey has no end and we can’t measure as it keeps on and on. How can we measure a journey? After acting school, I did TV but then got bored with it so there was another struggle to find good work. I have heard of several stories of struggle — sleeping on pavements and railway platforms. But I could not boast of any such thing as my TV work took me along.”
Irrfan confessed that he “never in his dreams” thought of doing Hollywood films. He credited Mrinal Sen’s film (Khandhar) starring Shabana Azmi for his inspiration.
Irrfan shared a slice of his life with the audience.
“Producers and sound recordists used to have big problem with me. They said ki yeh scene lamba kar deta hai which I used to do for improvisation of dialogues and scene. Once I was supposed to get Rs 800 for a day shoot and got Rs 350 with a quote: performance dekh kar itna bahut hai (this is enough for your performance),” the acclaimed actor said.