National flag should have only saffron colour, other colours represents communal thought – RSS

Chennai: At a seminar on secularism for Columnists held at Chennai, All India Prachar Pramukh, Manmohan Vaidya told that secularism is irrelevant in India. Secularism was evolved in Europe where Church and State are seperate. Since India doesn’t have a history of theocratic states, the concept of secularism is irrelevant in the Indian context.


Vaidya claimed that B R Ambedkar was against the inclusion of the word Secular in the Preamble of the Constitution.He said that several members of the Flag Committee constituted by Congress Working Committee in 1931 did not want different colours of natioal flag to represent various religions as it was a communal thought. He also said that the committee had agreed that saffron flag with a blue charka should be the Indian flag.