PM Modi least bothered about farmers, says Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi(ANI): Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Sunday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no time for the farmers as he is busy entertaining his industrialist friends.

Sonia Gandhi

“Modiji neither has time nor any interest in solving the problems faced by the farmers. His interests and hours of time belong to businessmen. He has all the time to listen to their problems,” said Gandhi while addressing the ‘Kisaan Mazdoor Samman’ rally at the Ramlila Ground.

The Congress president also highlighted the problems faced by the farmers. “There is no state in our country in which the farmers and our farm-labourers are not in pain. There’s drought somewhere, somewhere there are floods, some places don’t get water and some don’t have access to electricity. Some farmers don’t get seeds, while some don’t get fertilisers,” she said.

The Congress president also hit back at Prime Minister Modi for accusing the opposition of being an obstacle in the nation’s development. “Just to hide their shortcomings, the Prime Minister and his ministers blame the Congress for posing as obstacle in the developmental process. Can a party, which fought for the country’s development and laid the foundation of a modern India, be an obstacle in the process of development?” asked Gandhi.

“But whenever the government will ignore the voice of the common man, we will pose as an obstacle. We will be an obstacle whenever the government will ignore the farmers hit by floods and droughts,”she added. Former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi also spoke at the rally, which was attended by several other senior party leaders.