Narendra Modi displays warmth for Samajwadi Party once again

Lucknow, Deepak Gidwani: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s soft corner for the Samajwadi Party (SP) was on display once again on Friday at his public meeting in Varanasi where he clinically refrained from making any comment against the Akhilesh Yadav government. In fact, he went out of his way to demonstrate his warmth for the SP regime at a time when the state government is battling charges of failing law and order, spike in gang rape cases, poor industrial atmosphere and the like from state BJP leaders.


Speaking on the recent dismissal of 1.72 lakh “shiksha mitras” from the post of assistant teacher in UP, Modi displayed extreme empathy with the state government and all sympathy with the aggrieved teachers. Many from among them have committed suicide or died of heart attacks.

“Committing suicide is not the solution. I will talk to the state government about this,” he said while referring to the “shiksha mitra” issue. “Give the state government some time. I am sure they will work out some thing,” he added. The statement must have bewildered the state BJP leaders who have been slamming the state government for its alleged faux pas in this regard.

Only recently, Modi while speaking at a public meeting in Saharanpur in west UP had similarly sent BJP leaders gasping as he praised SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav hailing him as a “crusader of democracy”.

The increasing warmth between Modi and Mulayam has set tongues wagging that the two are hand in glove and could be covertly working on a joint strategy for the 2017 UP Assembly election. The outcome of this rather intriguing friendship is already being seen in Bihar where Mulayam has broken ranks with the grand anti-BJP alliance he himself had sewn together.

Political watchers feel Mulayam is virtually “under Modi’s thumb” because of the DA case pending against him. The CBI is probing the matter and is yet to file a closure report. The CBI has kept the case in the freezer ever since it was last heard in the apex court in 2009. The UPA regime used it often to tweak Yadav into submission on crucial issues inside and outside Parliament.

The recent multi-crore Yadav Singh scam in which many SP leaders, including some from the ruling Yadav clan itself, are involved, has only added to his plight. “He has no option but to do Modi’s bidding,” says a senior political analyst, describing Mulayam’s predicament.