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Pew Global Research: What do the people of the nation really think of Modi’s India?

New Delhi,Sai Nidhi: American thinktank Pew Research Center has come up with a detailed attitudes and trends of the nation survey of India looking into various facets. The survey shows nearly 87% Indians have favourable view of the Narendra Modi government which has completed one year in office.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Here are the big takeaways from the Pew Research survey:

  1. Modi’s popularity is soaring:

About 87% of Indians have a favourable view of PM Modi. This is cutting across age-group, urban-rural and gender divide. 94% of BJP supporters so far have a favourable view about Narendra Modi. Not only this, Modi also has supporters from the opposition parties– 74% from Congress and 87% from Aam Aadmi Party.

He is also considered as the most important and popular political figure in India.

  1. Rahul Gandhi is also well liked by Indians:

Almost 62% of Indians have a positive view of the Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi. He has 77% support from his party and surprisingly 60% of BJP members see him in positive light, according to the survey.

66% Indians living in rural areas and 53% urban dwellers also support Rahul Gandhi.

  1. Economic conditions:

According to the survey almost three-quarters of Indians now think economic conditions are good. They are more likely to expect economic conditions in India to improve a lot over the next one year under the rule of PM Modi.

About two-thirds of people who have a lot of confidence in Modi say the influence of the national government is now very good.

  1. International relations:

More than seven in ten people which amounts to 73% people expressed a lot of confidence in Modi’s handling of international relations, according to the survey.

People feel that after Modi’s first year in office India is attaining 12% more respect than before.

  1. BJP gaining popularity:

Not only internationally, Modi has succeeded in winning over rural Indians confidence too which makes his party BJP most popular among Indians.

According to the survey, BJP’s popularity has exceeded that of Congress’ in urban areas by 31 points whereas in rural areas BJP’s popularity stands at 89% and congress has 64% popularity.

  1. Country still facing multitude challenges:

More than eight in ten Indians believe that crime, jobs, inflation and corruption are main problems that the country is facing.

93% and more say that crime is the biggest problem in India which grew up by 8% since 2014.

87% Indians feel unemployment is also a very big problem in the country.

Almost 85% Indians praised the way terrorism is being dealt with by the government.

63% people favour him with the way he helps the poor and 61% support him with the way he fights corruption.

  1. Concerns regarding climate change and health:

Nearly three quarters of Indians say that they are concerned about global climate change. The survey reports that air pollution is up 22 points in just one year.

Worry about health care is up 15 points and poor quality schools are up 20 points.

  1. Sonia Gandhi in positive light as well:

Sonia Gandhi’s rating soared 9 points since 2013.

Although she isn’t as popular as his son Rahul Gandhi, those with lower income and younger Indians show more support towards her.

  1. Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi also favoured by Indians:

Around 60% Indians favour the national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Arvind Kejriwal. According to the survey, 71% college students support him.

Apart from him, Kiran Bedi also enjoys 48% favourable rating from Indians.

  1. US seen most favourably, Pakistan viewed least favourable:

According to the survey, 70% Indians favour United States. Indians see US as an economic partner to India. 63% Indians say that it is more important to India to have strong economic ties with the US.

Around 64% Indians do not favour Pakistan’s relations with India. Not only this, Pakistan is also considered as the biggest threat to India. 48% Indians say Pakistan when asked to choose the most serious threat among Lashkar-e-Taiba, Naxalites, Pakistan and China.