3 changes Aamir Khan made in Kangana Ranaut-Imran Khan’s ‘Katti Batti’

Aamir Khan is close to both Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan. Both the actors look up to Mr Perfectionist for his suggestions. With Katti Batti too, it was no different. Director Nikhil Advani wanted to show his first cut to Aamir Khan to get his feedback. Aamir took time off his schedule for Dangal to watch it and offer his suggestions.

Aamir Khan-Katti Batti

The perfectionist that he is, Aamir dived right into the nitty-gritty of it and recommended multiple alterations to the film, which Nikhil duly made.

Here are the three changes Nikhil made in the film, courtesy Aamir’s feedback…

Hindi Ho!

The film which revolves around the story of a couple in a live-in relationship involved a lot of English dialogues. Especially Kangana’s character Payal uses a lot of English in the film. After watching the film, Aamir immediately asked Nikhil to dub most of her dialogues in Hindi. Given that the film is made for a Hindi film watching audience, the English lines would have limited its audience reach, much like Finding Fanny. Knowing the risks involved, Aamir quickly came to Imran and Kangana’s rescue.

Too much na karo!

‘Nikhil has a habit of editing his promos in a certain manner where the entire story is anyway revealed. For Katti Batti too, the entire story was out way before the first theatrical trailer hit screens. While that surprise element was lost, giving away too much in the promos is what Aamir strictly is against of. So when Aamir felt that the promos were over-exposing the lead pair’s chemistry, he asked Nikhil to tone it down a bit and replace the dialogues with musical scores.

Emotions kam!

Aamir who emotionally broke down one more time after watching the film was reminded of his good ol’ past days. Soon, jokes stated splattering all over the Internet. But soon, Aamir picked up the call and asked Nikhil to cut down on the emotional baggage in the film. He felt the film was extremely emotional, so much to the point of being heavy and boring. To prevent that from happening, Nikhil has ceremoniously chopped off a lot of emotional scenes and tried to give his film a fluffier take.