Rahul Gandhi Says BJP balloon will explode

New delhi, 26 March-2014(IANS): Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi Wednesday challenged the perception that the BJP was most likely to win the Lok Sabha election and said “this balloon will explode”.

Rahul Gandhi Says BJP balloon will explode

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English: , from a photograph showing a meeting between , , and Rahul. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gandhi told the media here that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s claims now were akin to the “India Shining” ad blitz it carried out ahead of the 2004 Lok Sabha battle that the BJP lost to the Congress.

“When it comes to perception, the ‘India Shining’ campaign was a brilliant campaign. Everyone including you was convinced that the BJP was winning…

“The BJP has the ability to carry out India Shining campaigns… I am sure this balloon will explode.” Gandhi added that he had “a slight” understanding of the ground reality in Uttar Pradesh.

“This balloon is going to burst in UP 100 percent, not 90 percent.” He insisted that it was the Congress which had more allies in the country but the popular projection was different.

Some of the points discussed in the manifesto are- women reservation, right to health, right to homestead and others. The party also unveiled its slogan for the 2014 Lok Sabha election- ‘Your Voice , Our Pledge.’ Speaking at the event, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that the manifesto was sacred for the party. “Congress has always lived upto the expectations of the people. Political principles and promises in manifesto are not just for showing others abut also to live by,” Sonia said. On asking who would be the party’s PM candidate, Sonia said that ‘PM will be chosen by the Congress Parliamentary Party after the elections.’ Sonia also defended party’s decision to give Ashok Chavan Lok Sabha ticket saying that ‘no law bars Chavan from contesting the elections.’ When Rahul was asked whether he resonated with PM’s opinion on Narendra Modi as PM, Rahul said: “The prime minister is wise. I agree with the PM that Modi will be a disaster for India.”

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