Knowledge for all: Schools be penalized for donations

Schools be penalized for donations

Delhi, February 4, Rimo Bose: Making it punishable for the private schools if they charge a student with donation or fee as capitation for the admission purpose or for security purpose. This has been proposed by the Directorate of Education which might be a lot more than what the schools ask for donation. If the institutes are witnessed to charge the parents for donation then the institution will be amenable to pay fine and go through penalty.

DOE hold up the words of Section 13(2) of the RTE that is Right to education that promulgates that no institute or person can charge donation for the admission of kids. Not only that even the HC of Delhi said that it is one of the prime responsibilities of a state and nation to let education be free for all. Educational institutions are ordered to not involve such derogatory measures because education establishments are not similar to that of shopping stores. It even further said that breaching of this rule will lead to flint operation by the Court.