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How to Win In Rummy

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It is the most difficult task to win in Rummy playing. Though there are many different types of games in cards, the Rummy is one of the most attractive games in the world. there are two types of games in Rummy. One is played with all jokers and the other one is played with opposite […]

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Nches Iredu, A Woman of Extraordinary Faith!

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Rev. (Mrs.) Nches V.N. Iredu is a Nigerian who grew up in a typical loving and stable home. She gave her life to Jesus at a very tender age, before then, she lived a very decent life. Rev. Mrs Nches Iredu is the President of Sisters Fellowship International which has a commission and mandate from […]

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Analysis of Betty Friedan’s The Problem That Has No Name

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In an excerpt from her book, “The Feminine Mystique”, Betty Friedan defines women’s unhappiness during the Fifties as ”the problem that has no name.” She identifies “the problem that has no name” as upper-middle classed suburban women experiencing dissatisfaction with their lives and an inarticulated longing for something else beside their housewifely duties. She pins […]

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Instrument Transformer

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The instrument transformer are special type of transformers these transformers are defined as the transformer intended to supply measuring instruments, meters, relay and other similar apparatus. In the measuring large current in a do circuit current and voltage is measured by using low range ammeter with a suitable shunt. For measuring high voltage high resistance […]

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Top 15 Strangest Scholarships

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Thousands of soon-to-be students are hunting for extra financial assistance for college tuition. Without a perfect SAT score or the ability to run a sub 4.5 forty yard dash, you might find your chances of securing a scholarship aren’t looking too bright. However, you might not realize that your odd talent or hobby may make […]

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Best MPG – Why Catalytic Converters Are Totally Unnecessary to Save Gas

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Cars have been on the spotlight as one of the largest contributors of the world to pollution. Due to the fact that all internal combustion engines produce emission gases that react negatively with the environment, world governments passed laws to regulate this. Part of the result of this legislation is the requirement of the installation […]

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Importance of Water in Concrete

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The presence of water is an essential requirement for the development of high strength concrete.Cement by itself doesn’t have any binding properties. However, the reaction of cement and water produces a compound calcium silicate hydrate( better known as the C-S-H gel) which is the best binder. Water used in concrete should be free from any […]

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Winter Sports Vs Summer Sports

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Winter sports Vs summer sports, who will win? As you may already know seasons require different types of sports for the younger and older generation. It definitely depends in which state, area and country you live as well. The season and temperature require different types of sports. Let’s have a look at some sports you […]

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Rainforest Plants – Guava

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Family: Myrtaceae Genus: Psidium Species: guajava Common name: guava, goiaba, guayaba, djamboe, djambu, goavier, gouyave, goyave General Description: The guava tree is easily identified by its distinctive thin, smooth, copper-colored bark that flakes off, showing a greenish layer beneath. Guava trees can reach 20 meters high with tennis ball-sized fruits that possess yellow to green […]

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Measuring Your Personal Growth

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Introduction It was one of the Sundays and as usual, many thoughts were passing through my head and suddenly my thought process got stuck at one point and made me to think and re-think as how one can or how one should measure his or her personal growth? 1) Your success in exams is measured […]

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