Untold Story of the Special Cell of Delhi Police and Wasif Haider

Parbhani, 20 March,Javed Patel: The cases in the court were closed and the label as terrorist was deleted against his name, but still our society and the people in the society has to deviate from their minds this incident. Therefore even after the release from the jail Mohammed Wasif Haider is still fighting for normal life.

Untold Story of the Special Cell of Delhi Police and Wasif Haider

Untold Story of the Special Cell of Delhi Police and Wasif Haider
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The Childhood of Mohammed Wasif Haider was spent in a small colony known as Chamangunj in Kanpur, which is well known as the Manchester of Asia. Since childhood he was very much interested in studies and he got many prizes for that. He completed his degree in science with good marks, due to which he got a nice job in a multinational company. He lived with his parents, wife and three daughters happily until then when that unlucky night of 30th July 2001 came into his life.

For eight years he and his entire family lived were treated as traitor, terrorist, murderer and many more blames. To say family was alive but they use to die every moment of their life. In the eyes of the world he was alone behind the bars for eight years, but in reality along with him the entire family was suffering the punishment. Of course the accusation just on him and he was punished but his full family was been suffering the punishment. These eight years the family faced incrimination, insult, discomfort, poverty, injustice, pain, sadness and tears literally, they have so many ups and downs that any one’s life can become destroyed. Now that the worst part of life is finished, so can anyone give them back those eight years of happiness.

It is believed that mostly it is easy to mislead the illiterate people, because it is said that they can be easily misguided.

But when Mohammed Wasif Haider, a graduate in Physics and Maths was arrested by Special Cell of Delhi Police in 2001, all were in shock. In newspapers it was said that in India such an education terrorist is arrested for the first time. Wasif Haider, an employee in American company had an allegation of treason, Murderer and had been involved in a bomb blast.

That one night simple changed his and entire family’s world. After that night many mornings came with sunrise, but there was no morning in Haider’s life as if it was upset with him. Till next day morning his family was not aware where who has taken Haider away, they got the information along with the other people in the morning by seeing Haider’s news in the news papers headlines. The family member got to know that the people who took away Haider were no one else but they were policemen. Three ISI agents arrested him from Chamanganj.

Actually along with Haider two other boys were also arrested, but in the only news was that three Pakistani ISI agents were arrested. Immediately after arresting Haider and other two boys they were taken away to Delhi. Today also Haider shiver’s by remembering those next three days. With the name of third degree he was torched in such a way that he lost his will power. In the next after arresting Haider illegally they kept in the custody, mean while in this period they not only took his signature on plain papers even they forced him to confess in front of the cameras by using the third degree torture.

Although he was abducted on 30th July night but he was taken to the court on 3rd August. Later in the charge sheet the police presented Haider’s statement which was forcefully taken in the cameras as the most important evidence against him and showed the judge.

The story created in the charge sheet by the police men was that Haider took training in Kashmir and he use to work for Hijbul Mujahideen. Police not only arrested Haider, but with the name of terrorist they arrested total 23 people from all over India, from which three to four people were Haider’s friends. After getting arrested Haider was kept in Tihar Jail, Nainital Jail of Allahabad and central jail of Kanpur. In the starting Haider was kept in totally separate high security ward, even in the starting he was not allowed to meet his family members. Here Haider was in the jail and there his family was facing the fiscal condition and was constantly getting crispy. They were labeled as terrorist and not only outsiders they relatives to left them alone.

During this period some of Haider’s friends did not leave them alone, they stood with his family by providing them ration and paying children school fees. But Haider’s daughters had to face the label of terrorist, although they got admission in the school. These girls were taunted and no one was ready to make friendship with them, they were completely left alone.

Haider’s daughters were unable to participate in the school Annual day function only because they were unable to purchase a dress of eight hundred rupees and did not want to become more burdens on this father’s friends. When Haider went to jail he had three daughters, the elder daughter was five years, the second daughter was four years and the youngest one was one and half years old.

Time was running out. Mean while life in prison was slipping and here his daughters were getting older. With the time Haider’s was been involved in multiple crimes such as three blames of treason, eleven bomb blast, ADM’s murder case and blame of receiving 65 kgs of RDX from him.

While in prison Haider started studying law books. Haider felt that he could be the best lawyer for himself and no one else can fight perfectly for him. In this way Haider started helping his lawyer by reading the law books. Finally the hard work of Haider and his lawyer was paying off. All the bomb blast cases were proved as false and the evidence involved in that cases testified against the police. Even his relationship with the terrorist could not be proved.

The biggest alleged that police had on Haider was seizing of 65 kgs of RDX, but the thing, the police was never unable to present that RDX in the court. Wasif was now been exonerated of all the cases of terrorism. Now just left one was the ADM’s murder case in Kanpur.

Actually in the riots of Kanpur on 17 March 2000, there was firing and ADM was shot and killed. In the crossfire one of the ADM’s assistant was also injured. In this case Haider was arrested, but the ADM’s assistant gave witness saying that it was not Haider who fired on ADM. Therefore this murder case was also acquitted. Now he was a free Indian without any blames.

After a long period of eight years Haider returned back on home three days before independence on 12 August 2009 without informing his family about his arrival. Now after Haider returned home his daughter proudly say that even they have a good father. All the happiness of eight years was back to their house.

Haider has only one complaint against media. According to him the media is mainly responsible for his unemployment even after he got released from the jail. Even now after getting clear chit from court he is unable to get employment and his financial conditions is very bad. The society still did not accept him, he does not have job as police made him a terrorist, even though the court declared him innocent.

Editor’s note: Javed Patel is a humanitarian activities at “Satyam Seva Sanstha” and he hails from Parbhani,Maharashtra. He is not our permanent correspondent. Views and comments are author’s own, those do n’t reflect view of Publication House.

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