Sheena Bora murder case: Mikhail Bora, what else do you know?

Sheena Bora’s brother Mikhail Bora, who has been saying ‘I want justice for my sister’, apparently knows much more about her than what he has been telling the media.


Says one of Sheena’s friends: “For the longest time (after Sheena’s murder in April 24, 2012), he told us that she was in the US, because Indrani disapproved of her relationship with Rahul Mukerjea. After a while, when we were persistent, we were told that she was sent to a rehab in Pune for a drinking problem.”

Sheena’s friends also say that if Mikhail knew that there was something suspicious, he should have raised an alarm. “Two of Sheena’s closest friends from school, one of whose wedding Sheena attended while she was in Guwahati before being killed, were allegedly asked to keep mum by Indrani when they tried to find Sheena’s whereabouts,” he said. He suspects Mikhail, too, might have been threatened by his own mother.

Even Rahul Mukerjea contacted some of Sheena’s friends in Mumbai and Guwahati asking about her whereabouts, he said.

A year after Sheena left for Mumbai, Mikhail, too, left Guwahati. Not many friends know what was he up to during those years. Some said he was in Bengaluru, and then in Delhi.

“No one knows where he was, and they said that he was working in an airline company. I’m not too sure of that,” he said. “He has repeatedly been telling the media that his mother stopped sending him money since last year. Is that the reason why he kept quiet?” he said.

Another friend, who knew the Bora siblings and were a regular visitor to their house while they were in school, said that while Sheena disappeared, Mikhail could have been more persistent in his search for her.

Instead, he lived on the money his mother sent. “He bought a Tata Aria a few months after he came back, and the last I heard, he had an accident for which he was hospitalised,” he said.

Mikhail’s mother is believed to have paid the hospital bills. He is then said to have bought a modified Lancer. “He was used to a certain life, and after the money stopped coming, he sold off the car to pay the bills,” said the friend.

Sources in the police claim that when confronted with her son, Indrani got agitated and alleged that he took money from him and because the money stopped coming, he is accusing her of murder.
Mikhail is currently put up in an unnamed hotel by the Khar police.

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