TMCP leader accused of molestation

Kolkata, February 2, Rimo Bose: Amidst of the fierce battle of upcoming Lok Sabha election comes thundering news, student of a university has apprehended that she has been harassed outside a thematic park by a TMCP leader.

She even ascribed to the leader of thrashing her friends when they came to her rescue. Although this allegation was refuted by the party calling it politicized and deliberate. The girl even expressed her shock claiming, “we were sneaking out of the park when they commented something bawdy and on protesting they pounded us and caused disconcert.”

It was also said that the seniors didn’t come to help them instead they dashed them and when the victims complained they were affronted and neglected.

Previously just by 2 weeks a student was thwarted by a leader of SFI named Mirazul islam. Given by the complaint against TMCP this time one of the leaders of the party Kabirul Islam said it to be a baseless accusation and pleaded the oppositional party not to abet such incidents.

The incident will be probed by the Complex police of electronics, they will go by the visuals of CCTV, although the accusation has been accepted as a FIR or not is not being declared. This incident has shockingly come up just after the rally of CM who promised to provide safer city for women and to stand by them.

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