Microsoft releases their first Windows 10 advertisement, and it’s all about the kids

Come 29 July and the world will know of this thing called Windows 10. As Microsoft beckons the entirety of their formidable marketing prowess to get the word of their new operating system out to every nook and corner of our planet, consumers can expect a deluge of advertising over the next few weeks.

With so much riding on it, getting the messaging right is key. And it looks like the best way to convey the many new features of Windows 10 is to do it from the point of view of the children. Here their first TV spot does accurately point out many feature updates that will accompany the new operating system, but more importantly the fact that kids today will be the first generation to know nothing other than using all of these new features–from password-less access to voice-driven control to the ability to scribble on web pages before sharing them.

While the advertisement’s narrative is, for the most part, an accurate representation of what computing is likely to mean for consumers from this point on, the use of kids to depict it is actually a cheap shot, some might argue. But one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do to sell, it seems.

See it here:

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