Ganga river feels ‘betrayed’ by PM Narendra Modi: Lalu Prasad Yadav

Patna(PTI): RJD chief Lalu Prasad on Thursday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for cancelling his visit to Varanasi and took a dig at him saying that even Mother Ganga is upset with his “betrayal” of promises.

“Ganga Maiya bhi Dhokha kha chuki hai. Ab mat bolna maiya ne bulaya hai. Maiya ke pawan jaal ne do baar rodra roop dikha kar tikhi narajgi prakat ki hai (Mother Ganga also feel betrayed….Mother Ganga has shown its anger out of displeasure after being betrayed),” Prasad tweeted.

The RJD chief also made a scathing attack at BJP and described it as the “most corrupt and casteist party which has resorted to bad politics…which party has so far spoke about caste of its Prime Minister?”

“It is interesting that ’56 inch chest saheb’ spoke about belonging to more than 56 castes,” he said taking potshots at the PM’s campaign during the Lok Sabha polls. Prasad asked Modi that when the party did not have the capacity to fullfill promises, it should have avoided from indulging in ‘jumle bazzi’ (indulging in popular saying).

Prasad’s retort against PM came incidentally after the BJP and other NDA allies launched a broadside against RJD chief at a function at Gandhi Maidan to flag off 160 ‘Parivartan raths’ at Patna.

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