Google patents technology that takes pictures when it sees finger frames

Google has been awarded a patent that allows the users to take pictures using a Glass-like head-mounted wearable display, when it recognizes the user’s fingers.The patent allows the users to take pictures using a Glass-like head-mounted display wearable, when it recognizes the user’s fingers.

According to the, the camera on a head-mounted wearable senses where the user’s fingers are positioned and takes a photo when you make one of those finger frames. The wearable’s camera would always be looking for fingers to pop up in its view and when it senses them it will capture a photo.

The patent also said that the device can change the orientation of the image based on the position of the users hands. If they make a circular “O” shape with one hand, they would end up with a round picture. And on using two hands to frame a rectangular portrait the camera could take a portrait photo. Also, the device is capable of making any additional cropping, white balance and exposure adjustments based on the area the user points out.

In addition, there is no assurance that the technology will be used in a new version of Google Glass or any other device.

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