Govt property was converted into luxury hotel by Lalit Modi and Vasundhara Raje, alleges Congress

Jaipur(web team): The Congress on Monday alleged that former IPL chairman Lalit Modi and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje conspired to convert the Dholpur Palace, a government property, into a luxury hotel, adding that they had documents to back their claims.

“The first thing that has been established is that the fugitive Lalit Modi and Vasundhara Raje are business partners. The second fact which has been established is that Lalit Modi got Rs 21 crore from Mauritius and invested in Dushyant Singh’s company. The third fact is that Vasundhara Raje signed a seven page document for UK Authorities to abet Lalit Modi. There have been three lies, three cover-ups by the BJP and Vasundhara Raje. Today, we are exposing the fourth fact of this episode,” said Congress leader Jairam Ramesh

“Today, we present you the documents where Lalit Modi and Vaundhara Raje changed government property into personal property. In 1954, the Dholpur Riyasat merged with the Union in Independent India and in 1977, the Dholpur Palace was made government property. Despite the Dholpur Palace being the property of the government, Raje and Lalit Modi proceeded to convert it into a high-end private luxury hotel,” he said.

Jairam further added, “Magnitude of quid pro quo, financial relationship between Raje-Modi are getting unearthed everyday. On 10.04.1954, Dholpur Riyasat merged with Union of India in Independent India and in 1977 Dholpur Mahal was made government Property.”

Ramesh also alleged that Raje’s husband had admitted the same in 1980.

“We sadly have to state that Vasundhara Raje’s husband in 1980 made a statement saying Dholpur Mahal belongs to the government. Despite Dholpur City Palace being property of government, Raje and Lalit Modi proceeded to convert it into a high-end private luxury hotel, ” said Jairam Ramesh.

The Congress has mounted pressure on Raje after the emergence of a letter reportedly carrying her signature, in which she backs Lalit Modi’s application in the UK.

Earlier in the day, former Rajasthan chief minister and Congress leader Ashok Gehlot said Raje must step down on moral grounds so that the investigation can take its own course.

“It is very unfortunate. Advani gave clear indication, even Govindacharya said it clearly and now everyone in all the political parties is saying the same thing that at least for once resignation must be given on moral grounds. After that, the investigation can take its own course and if the charges are proven false then no one can stop her from becoming the CM again,” Gehlot told ANI.

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