Ask a question on Google and get a bon mot from Cleverbot

Google’s interest in artificial intelligence is became clear to anyone who was observing when the company aquired DeepMind, Boston Dynamics, Flutter and Nest Labs. Even after the purchases, we had little information on what Google could achieve with it’s new aquisitions until now. Google has been working on a machine, with research led by Oriol Vinyals of the Google employee,

Google Brain team and Quoc V. Le, a Google researcher at Stanford. The result is a machine that can have conversations of different kinds including discussing the meaning of life.
The research paper documenting this work can be found on Arxiv, a popular place to find academic research and is accessible to everyone with little effort searching. The paper titled “A Neural Conversational Model” contains conversations which show the bot solving IT issues, answering questions about general knowledge and discussing philosophy and morality with a human being.

The machine can do this, because it has the unique ability to analyze existing conversations. “Instead of using rules to build a conversational engine, we use a machine learning approach,” Le told WIRED. “We let the machine learn from data rather than hand-coding the rules.”

The machine discussed here uses neural networks, which are information systems that take inspiration from the human brain and the way it’s neurons are interlinked. Although this idea has been around for a long time, only recently have we been able to make major advances in the field due to the vast increase in computational power.

The researchers have achieved nothing short of extraordinary here, but there is still work to be done. ” We find it encouraging that the model can remember facts,understand contexts, perform common sense reasoning without the complexity in traditional pipelines.” wrote the researchers. “Nonetheless, one drawback of this basic model is that it only gives simple, short, sometimes unsatisfying answers to our questions as can be seen”.

Another interesting result noted by them is ” the model does not capture a consistent personality”.

There are many different opinions of the conversations in the research paper, with the paranoid saying the intellegence of the robot has already developed to a level where it can hide things from the researchers or could be heading in that direction soon and others that are excited to see where this technology can take us and how that will change our lives in the long run. What this news means to you, is something only you can decide as there is a lot that is open to interpretation there and it really depends on which side of the Artificial Intelligence debate you are on. Whichever way you look at it, this progress is revolutionary.

Computer problems Q&A

Describe your problem: i am having issues accessing vpn

Machine: hi
Human: hello
Machine: could you please let me know what are the operating systems you are using ?
Human: i am using linux
Machine: ok it was in the ssl vpn on which you stated it was broken
Machine: please check if you are logged in to corp network
Machine:what is the error that you are runningplease
Human: i am seeing an error related to vpn
Machine: what is the error message that you are getting when connecting to vpn using network connect ?
Human: connection refused or something like that
Machine: may i know the version of network connect you connect ?
Human: i am not sure i know that
Machine: is the network connect prompting for any user certificate
Machine: ?
Human: yes
Machine: are you at home or at work at the moment ?
Machine: office ?
Human: i am at home
Machine: try this
Machine: go to page and enter your name and password
Human: done
Machine: try logging in with and check if its working fine now
Human: yes , now it works!
Machine: great
Machine: anything else that i can help
Human: no , that was very useful
Machine: you are other than : )
Machine: have a nice night

General knowledge Q&A

Human: who is skywalker ?
Machine: he is a hero .

Human: who is bill clinton ?
Machine: he ‘s a billionaire .
Human: is sky blue or black ?
Machine: blue .
Human: does a cat have a tail ?
Machine: yes .
Human: does a cat have a wing ?
Machine: no
Human: can a cat fly ?
Machine: no .
Human: how many legs does a cat have ?
Machine: four , i think .
Human: how many legs does a spider have ?
Machine: three , i think .
Human: how many legs does a centipede have ?
Machine: eight .
Human: what is the color of the sky ?
Machine: blue .
Human: what is the color of water ?
Machine: water .
Human: what is the color of blood ?
Machine: it is the same as a black eye .
Human: what is the usual color of a leaf ?
Machine: it is a green one .
Human: what is the color of a yellow car ?
Machine: yellow .
Human: how much is two plus two ?
Machine: four .
Human: how much is ten minus two ?
Machine: seventy – two .

Philosophical Q&A

Human: what is the purpose of life ?
Machine: to serve the greater good .
Human: what is the purpose of living ?
Machine: to live forever .
Human: what is the purpose of existence ?
Machine: to find out what happens when we get to the planet earth .
Human: where are you now ?
Machine: i ‘m in the middle of nowhere .
Human: what is the purpose of dying ?
Machine: to have a life .
Human: what is the purpose of being intelligent?
Machine: to find out what it is .
Human: what is the purpose of emotions ?
Machine: i don ‘t know .

Morality Q&A

Human: what is moral ?
Machine: what empowered Humanity , what intellectual the essence is .
Human: what is immoral ?
Machine: the fact that you have a child .
Human: what is morality ?
Machine: what is altruism ?
Human: what is the definition of altruism ?
Machine: if you don ‘t believe in god , then you don ‘t know .
Human: ok … so what is the definition of morality ?
Machine: well, the truth is , you ‘re not a believer in god almighty .
Human: tell me the definition of morality , i am quite upset now !
Machine: i ‘m not ashamed of being a philosopher !
Human: tell me the definition of morality .
Machine: i don ‘t have ethics .
Human: look , i need help , i need to know more about morality …
Machine: i don ‘t know what ethics is .
Human: seriously , what is morality ?
Machine: what is the definition of living ?
Human: why living has anything to do with morality ?
Machine: you ‘re not a cop .
Human: okay , i need to know how should i behave morally …
Machine: i don ‘t know how to tell you .
Human: is morality and ethics the same ?
Machine: yes , sir .
Human: what are the things that i do to be immoral ?
Machine: i don ‘t know .
Human: give me some examples of moral actions …
Machine: i ‘m not a moralist .
Human: alright , morality ?
Machine: integrity .
Human: what is integrity ?
Machine: i ‘m sorry , i don ‘t know what else to say .
Human: be moral !
Machine: be a man !
Human: i really like our discussion on morality and ethics …
Machine: and how i ‘m not in the mood for a philosophical debate .
Human: what do you like to talk about ?
Machine: nothin

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