Wonder world of Technology: New device can put selfies on coffee

A 3D printing-inspired machine that can create your selfie on the foam of a cup of coffee in flat 10 seconds has been developed.

The Ripple Maker uses 3D printing techniques and printable coffee extract stored in ‘Ripple Pods’ to create customised designs whether it is a text message, a selfie or a photo of your favourite celebrity.

It connects to a website, or an app, where customers can select their preferred design from an online library – or upload their own pictures, Metro reported. The image can be printed in just 10 seconds, using coffee extract stored in so-called Ripple Pods.

Customers can download an app to send their own photos to the machine, which will then recreate it on top of the drink. The device comes with a hefty price tag of $999 and a monthly fee subscription fee of $75.

The product is more likely aimed at coffee chains, big brands, and individual coffee shops looking for a finishing touch.

Watch: The Ripples Experience

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