Introducing Ridhima Sud: Zoya’s Noorie In Dil Dhadakne Do

She plays out her own Titanic styled love story with her on-screen beau. It’s a small part in Dil Dhadakne Do(DDD). But debutante Ridhima Sud, with her bangs and soulful eyes, has got noticed.

The Delhi girl who has a double-major in Political Science and Economics from New York University, can’t believe she is a part of this big Bollywood movie with a cast of stalwarts. “I come from a family of flustered Panjus who can’t believe a girl from their clan had an acting plan. My father is a businessman. My mother’s family including my mother, is filled with academicians. Interest in acting is the last thing they expected from me,” says Ridhima who took off to NY for a degree and then got herself a job at Wall Street , “Just so that my family is convinced that I’m capable of living up to their expectations.Then I resigned from the Wall Street job to pursue my dream.”

Landing up in Mumbai to pursue a career in films was not easy. Ridhima has three unreleased films to prove how tough the going can be for a newcomer not connected to the film inddustry. “I felt so out of place. The films that I did before Dil Dhadkane Do were not Bollywood stuff. One of them Madhureeta Anand’s Kajariya may release soon. Or so I hear,” sighs the pretty newcomer.

Ridhima got the role of Noorie after only one audition. “I didn’t have to struggle to get this role. But I couldn’t believe I’d be sharing screen space with all these huge names. It was like being thrown into the deep-end, pun intended,” she smiles.

Luckily for Riddhima everyone on board was cordial and warm. “The film’s co-writer Reema Kagti helped me find my way around.

I am not really a Bollywood girl. For me being an actress is more a global notion , and not limited to any one kind of cinema. So, there I was with these heavyweights all known and famous names. Luckily for me everybody was very helpful very nice. Their attitude helped me to relax and enjoy my part.”

She admits to improvising on her part. “I knew what I had to do. But I would do something more to scenes and then run off to a corner hoping nobody would be offended. I was extremely lucky to have a director like Zoya Akhtar who was open to ideas.”

The reviews have made a mention of Ridhima’s debut. “To be noticed in a film that has so many big names is a blessing. I feel I am privileged. I could have easily been drowned, pun again intended. If I could float freely it was because there were so many artistes there with me to help and guide me. I’m grateful.”

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