BJP leader Subramanian Swamy: All those residing in this country are Hindus

New Delhi(IE): BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said that everybody living in India is a Hindu and that all other religion in the country should work in accordance with Hinduism to avoid “religion-based trouble.”

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“You should understand that whoever lives in this country is Hindu, or his forefathers were Hindus. All those residing in this country are Hindus, this I can prove through DNA test. Even the DNA of Muslims and Christians are like ours (Hindus’). They are all product of the same soil and should accept that they have not come from outside,” Swamy said at an event in Vadodara on Saturday.
Speaking on the topic, “Religion in Storm or Storm in Religion” at Gujarat Chhatra Sansad, a state-level student Parliament event, Swamy also called for changes in history “written by Britishers” and urged youth to begin learning Sanskrit.

“The history that Britishers have written should be changed so that truth could come out. We should all learn a language that binds all the languages. That is Sanskrit. In USA, they have started learning Sanskrit. But if you talk about Sanskrit in our country, you will be branded communal, fringe element,” he said. Swamy also blamed Islam and Christianity for religious conversion and said it was ingrained in their religion. “Islam says those who do not believe in Islam are Kafir. Christians similarly say that those who do not believe in our religion are a prey of Satan and it is our duty to get them rid of it. And therefore Islam and Christianity believe completely in religious conversion and even consider it a pious, religious work, and that gives rise to storm,” he said. “In India, when we were 100% Hindus, those of other religions who fled to our country were given shelter.

They followed different religion.

When Zoroastrians were being converted into Islam in Iran on a large scale using violence, they fled here. We gave them shelter, constructed fire temples for them and Parsis were never in trouble here. Despite being only 60,000 in number, they have taken many top positions in the countyry. Similarly, Jews also came here. They were exploited everywhere else in the world and when they came here, we gave them shelter in Kochi and Mumbai,” he added. Swamy said that mosques were like prayer halls which could be demolished and shifted to another location, like it has happened in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. “Once (former Pakistan President) Pervez Musharraf ordered demolition of six mosques in Pakistan. When I asked if this will cause religious trouble, he said mosques are prayer hall which can be shifted elsewhere. In Saudi Arabia also they said mosques were like prayer halls that can be demolished. Turkey also demolished several mosques. In our country, people are not ready to shift mosque for Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Siah clerics to whom the mosque belongs have said they have no objection, but Sunni clerics are having issues with making temple. But they do not agree to this, they want mosque at the same place,” he said.

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