Time is precious, this time for school teachers in Delhi

Delhi, February 1, Rimo Bose: A new time span has been settled for the school teachers of Delhi. The new teaching hours has been settled as 45 hours every week. The Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has initiated this new effort in the field of teaching.

Arvind Kejriwal increases working hours for school teachers

new time span has been settled for the school teachers Of Delhi

The previous timing for summer was 7:30am- 1:30 pm or to 2pm if it’s from 8am, but the new timing is 7:15am-2:45. It’s similar to that of winters the time has been increased 7:15am-2:45pm.

The regulations have been passed under the Right to education section 19 as well as 25, this comes under the circumference of children’s rights and free to compulsory education. The system is expected to get effective very soon but the timing for the students will remain same. This new regulation is surely a new light for the education system now the time can only say whether it is followed or not and how long it runs.

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